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"Please read this, all of you"

The "General Games Chat" forum, which includes Retro Game Reviews, has been archived and is now read-only. You cannot post here or create a new thread or review on this forum.

Mon 23/09/02 at 13:05
Posts: 787
Hi, this is Ali, back from my holiday and a bit worried about the state of the forums. There's been a few bannings, of which a few of you are upset about, but a few ground rules need to be set.

Swearing, in any form is not allowed. This is a family forum (believe it or not) and we don't want young people coming on here reading foul language, or indeed, parents coming on here and seeing the kind of language that some of you post. The swear filter is there for a reason, and that's not for you to try and beat it with s p a c e s or 'quote marks'. If we find any swearing, of any kind, it'll be deleted, and you may be banned.

Being offensive to one another is something we will also not tolerate. As you all know, someone was banned last week (in my absence, I might add) for calling someone a dirty homo, or something like that. This just ain't acceptable I'm afraid. Just as bad is topics like the one saying things like 'so and so likes hairy men' - it might have been a joke, but some people don't have the same sense of humour as you, and din't find it funny. We're not saying stop having fun, but topics like that serve only to annoy.

Some people have accused us of favouritism in the past ie. certain people get away with saying stuff without a warning, and some don't. From now on, there'll be no swearing at all, BY ANYBODY on the site, whether you've been here a day or 3 years. Posts with swearing or offensive writing in them will be deleted, and depending on the severity of the post, will be warned/banned. This means everyone.

This shouldn't be hard to do, the vast majority of you are adults, or at least are mature enough to behave like civilised people. These are our forums, and you'll post on here by our rules, whether you like it or not. If anyone has any problems with this, let me know, but I'd like this to be a new start for these forums, with no stupid slanging matches between users, no *starring out* offensive posts and no deliberately getting people annoyed. If you've got something you wanna get out of your system, do it someplace else.

I hope you can all agree to these rules.
Mon 23/09/02 at 23:38
"Conversation Killer"
Posts: 5,550
SHEEPY wrote:
> As you know I'm not the most religous person

Don't worry about it. I consider myself to be the worst christian that ever existed but as long as i believe in God, i hope there's a space for me in heaven.

WHAT! Economy class!? :D
Mon 23/09/02 at 20:16
".......on the attac"
Posts: 1,271
Perhaps with all these new rules you can take "-ass" out of the filters.

It is no worse than crap....
Mon 23/09/02 at 20:14
"Max Power"
Posts: 2,196
what happens if someones tagline is offensize?
Mon 23/09/02 at 18:46
Posts: 0
I'm really getting worried, this is no joke.
Mon 23/09/02 at 18:43
Posts: 4,199
*loosens tie*'s getting political in here.
Mon 23/09/02 at 18:28
"That's right!"
Posts: 10,645
"A 4yr old toddling about screaming obscenities thinking nothing of it can make me laugh for hours."


Today we watched everyone's film projects, and one group had made a video on one of their friend's little brother's band, The Smoking Skulls. They were all 12 years old, and were cursing like sailors... classic
Mon 23/09/02 at 18:19
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
Wow, i didn't think things were that bad. But i will follow the new rules.

This forum is precious to me.
Mon 23/09/02 at 18:13
"Orbiting Uranus"
Posts: 5,665
žn][pe« wrote:
> hmmmmmmm this forum is going downhill TBH.
> SOmebody posts something pretty serious and ppl change the subject and
> it gets a huge post count.

A lot of that post count was relevant stuff
Mon 23/09/02 at 18:12
Posts: 5,029
er-no wrote:
> *looks down*
> Looks like it went to code brown straight away.

It's cold outside,
There's no kind of atmosphere
All alone,
More or less.
Let's go far,
Far away from here,
Fun fun fun,
in the sun sun sun.
Mon 23/09/02 at 18:10
Posts: 16,558
hmmmmmmm this forum is going downhill TBH.
SOmebody posts something pretty serious and ppl change the subject and it gets a huge post count.

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