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"Last movie you watched"

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Sun 17/02/08 at 12:43
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Couldn't find the old thread.


What was the last movie you watched?
Wed 22/10/08 at 06:37
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I Am Legend 4/10

What a f**kup. You can get away with changes to the material to a certain point but they've completely removed the whole point of the story. Films like this should never be shown to a test audience (most of whom i assume are too dumb to recognise themselves in a mirror). It's a real shame because it had the potential to be a great film.
Sun 19/10/08 at 15:13
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Saw Taken at the cinema. Was good fun, pretty much non-stop action, would have thought it'd be boring after a while but I enjoyed it throughout.
Sun 19/10/08 at 15:05
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The Women

All those lifted faces without their full-range of movement made it a bit bothersome to watch the film through.. although, Meg Ryan's weave is just lovely.

Sat 04/10/08 at 23:04
"eat toast!"
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i was watching ghost in the shell inocense
Sat 04/10/08 at 22:57
"eat toast!"
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dear god, batman and robin was a terrible movie and if it wasn't for batman begins and the dark knight, batman as a movie would be good as dead.
Sat 04/10/08 at 02:25
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Batman and Robin


- one mark off for the unlikelihood of a telescope having a circular arrangement of large diamonds to help it work
Sat 04/10/08 at 02:15
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Magnolia 10/10

I was going to give it a 9 but there really is no reason to mark it down whatsoever. Fantastic film, brilliant performances, great soundtrack.
Wed 01/10/08 at 22:25
"I like turtles"
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Mamma Mia : Utter sh**e.Sweet sickly garbage with karaoke quality singing.Hated it with a passion. 1/10 (The Mrs.loved it though!).
Wed 01/10/08 at 16:31
"eat toast!"
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team america. All rise for the movie's main theme tune.
Mon 29/09/08 at 16:33
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Sex In The City - Was ok, not my kind of film though.

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