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"Call of Duty 4: Best. Shooter. Ever."

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Sat 10/11/07 at 17:53
"Copyright: FM Inc."
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Not kidding, best shooter I ever played.

You might 'think' that the 4-5 hour offline campaign is a little short, but stop being a wuss and stick it on Veteran, then beat it.

Then play it again and again and again in Arcade trying to beat your previous best score.

Basically you take the role of an SAS newbie called Soap, and you see most of the game through his eyes, but as part of the storyline you also get to play as US Spec Ops as well as a fantastically graphically amazing level where you play a flashback level as your SAS commander. The storyline revolves around hunting down and disposing of a terrorist whos got his mitts on some of Russia's nukes and is quite happy to launch them at the west, and along the way you'll be taking out hordes of his minions as well as a few trained attack dogs which will rip your throat out if you're not quick on the melee button.

They've got everything nailed - Graphics are the best you'll see on the 360 running in 60 frames per second throughout, offline and online, Gameplay is wonderfully paced and you won't want the offline to end but you're in for a treat when it does, Sound effects can't be faulted and overall it's a definite Game of the Year contender. Storyline... nothing really new, in fact there are little nods to lots of other games, movies and real-life events along the way which keep it interesting but you can pretty much guess the ending before you start.

But what is most totally, utterly, absolutely and compellingly addictive is the online mode. Your first online game you'll get trounced as you only have the option of Free-For-All or Deathmatch and you haven't earned any 'upgrades' yet. You gain experience points for kills as well as just turning up for the game, and these unlock Ranks.

With each Rank, you get to tweak your player just a little bit more. Silencer for your pistol? Red dot sight for your M16? Desert or Town camoflague? Suit you sir?

Then there's the 'Challenges' - Get 25 kills with your M16 and you get extra camo options. Get a 75 kills with it and you unlock a silencer for it, which makes you very deadly indeed. 100 kills? Dunno, haven't got that far yet as I'm having fun with all the other weapons I've unlocked with my rank, including the wonderfully nasty yet woefully inaccurate RPG (at least when I use it).

That's just kills, you also get extras if you do the same with each weapon but instead of just kills it's also tracking Headshots, so if you're in it for the long haul there's plenty here to unlock and you won't be doing it overnight.

Also with Rank you get Perks to tweak your player a little more - extra damage? Sure thing. Extra health? Sure thing, but you'll have to lose the extra damage and pick something else instead, like better aiming.

With 5 customisable player slots you can set up your different types of player for all the different modes which you unlock as you gain rank including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Sabotage, King of the Hill etc, there are loads of them and loads of levels too.

Probably the most fun thing in online is the scenery, you can shoot through sheet metal, sofas, boxes, wooden crates - pretty much anything a bullet can go through in real life will penetrate in this game too - and nothing beats watching your enemy dive behind a plasterboard wall for cover as you just let rip at the wall with your heavy machine gun and take him out, except maybe using the 'Last Stand' perk to shoot the guy who just shot you with your pistol before you die.

SOCOM can take a back seat and Rainbow Six can take a hike as far as I'm concerned, CoD4: Modern Warfare is the new daddy on the block. It's the first game in ages that isn't an RPG made me lose my RPG addiction.

If you're thinking of saving the pennies for another game coming out soon, don't bother, just get this one.
Mon 21/04/08 at 19:23
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Mon 21/04/08 at 12:46
Posts: 123
What really annoys me is when you're playing really little kids (who probably shouldn't be playing anyway) and they think it's funny to let off an RPG at the very start of the game, killing all of the team. It's even worse if your playing "Hardcore Search and Destroy"!!

But, i always give someone who's team killed an extra chance. If they apologise then fair enough, but if not and they do it again then it's a proper rollocking and negitive rep for them...
Fri 14/03/08 at 15:34
Posts: 4,686
One thing I hate about it is the start of the game. People constantly run in your way and usually you get killed that way. Does the PS3 version let you submit player reviews on others (positive or negative). Team killing usually makes me give a negative review.

Only ever had to lodge a complaint once and that was someone constantly harrassing me because of my name on burnout paradise.
Fri 14/03/08 at 10:17
Posts: 368
That's pretty good. I had a 23 kill streak a lil while ago and was prepared to get killed and was happy with that but I got killed my one of my own team. I was so mad about that. I played a couple of games last night with people constantly team killing. It's so annoying I think they should monitor it and ban people who do it constantly.
Fri 14/03/08 at 09:52
Posts: 4,686
Well done! I had a game, best I've played was on Vacant on Groundwar. Got penned in and just used my LMG to get out! Got a few chopper's out and ended on about 27 kills.

Nowhere as good as anybody else!
Fri 14/03/08 at 07:06
Posts: 368
Had an absolutley mental game of Call of Duty 4(PS3) last night, playing hardcore team deathmatch, 41 kills and 418 points, think it's the best I've ever played! Chopper came out 3 times which I don't think I've ever done in normal team deathmatch!
I'm trying to get the golden ak47 at the moment, any of you guys managed to get it yet? Or any of the golden guns? Got the standard Gold desert but no more as yet.
Thu 13/03/08 at 20:22
Posts: 4,686
It's alright but COD4 is superb. It's thrown me off of achievement hunting!

Right, more COD 4 for me now. Catch you all later
Mon 18/02/08 at 16:52
Posts: 3
Sun 10/02/08 at 14:35
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Wooo finally hit 20 on my killstreak the other night on downpour (and last night went 22-1 on it, starting to like that level now :-D)

Matchmaking is getting on my nerves though, putting me in games that are almost over or games i've left because i didn't like the level and then getting thrown right back into it even though i've also avoided about 2-3 people in it.

The hitboxes are definitely screwed on the Dragunov rifle though, had my crosshairs right in the middle of a guy and it doesn't register.
Sun 10/02/08 at 12:59
"Soul Calibur RULES!"
Posts: 35
COD 4 is brilliant, but if you lot want a bit of fun, download the Turok demo from Xbox live.

It's not the slickest game but it's so much fun running around killing Dinosaurs with a knife.

I'm going to wait till it comes down in price before I buy it, but get the demo!!! FUN FUN FUN...

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