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"Championship Manager Thread"

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Thu 14/02/02 at 16:53
Posts: 787
Now, I was a little annoyed with SR getting rid of the gaming threads.

So please share your Championship Manger experiences in here.

Currently i am Sheffield Wednesday in the year 2030. This is the furthest I have ever got in any champ man game! THe other ones used to stop after 2026. Anyone know when it does end? If ever?

Anyways, whats the most you have sold someone for? Mine is £88M. Well chuffed with that sale. It was one of my home grown players as well. Came through the reserves and was a great hit.
Mon 30/06/03 at 16:28
Posts: 64
this is my A.C milan team after 2 months i'm unbeaten, only drawn 1!!





Sat 28/06/03 at 14:47
"Trout a la creme"
Posts: 2,858
Haven't been in this thread in a while...
Bought Matthew Upson for my southend team. Avoided relegation from D2 and tried to build the team up.
Bought a guy called Graham Bowater DR position, he's doing well...
and got a few new strikers and attacking midfielders.
Other than that, I'm hovering outside the playoffs in D2 and people keep bidding for a 17 year old on my team David Bryan.

I've also started a PSV file too, only in my first season, going to win the league comfortably and possibly the uefa cup too.
Tue 01/04/03 at 14:13
"Trout a la creme"
Posts: 2,858
Started a new game in 01/02 (with this seasons update) chose third division Southend United. Had no money to do any transfers with by the start of the season, nobody will loan me a player , when they do the player usually has no intention to be on loan with me.

Anyway, I'm in february of the first season and am 2nd or 3rd pushing for automatic promotion (the baord just wanted to stay clear of relegation to the conference)
I don't think anyone in that division is doing well as the most games won in a row by any team is 3.
I just hope I don't go into some spectacular end of season slump, I can almost smell next seasons tv money
Tue 25/03/03 at 18:42
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
Gary Neville is very dependable- never seems to get injured, and on my 01-02 he has ave rating 7.12- top in my Man Utd team is van Nistlerooij at 8.14.
Tue 25/03/03 at 16:33
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009
Biscan is top notch but if you can't afford him then shop abroad...cheep quality to be found there.
Tue 25/03/03 at 08:35
"Super Diamonds"
Posts: 238
Anyone know any super DR
I need one....Mustafa is not at all good and K Dixon is alright...not good enough for my team, though...
Tue 25/03/03 at 06:53
Posts: 11,597
Oooo, I'm gunna rush to the shops come Friday. I'm only taking my £30 Virgin vouchers and about a tenner, so they had better have it in. Grrrr if they don't!
Tue 25/03/03 at 00:56
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009
Thank God for pre-order.
Tue 25/03/03 at 00:55
Posts: 15,579
There are 3 days, 8 hours, 28 minutes till CM4 is released in the UK

Or at least the SIgames website says so.

Just noticed i havnt got any money in my bank account. Thank god for the invention of the overdraft.
Mon 24/03/03 at 20:46
"Super Diamonds"
Posts: 238

Noooo...need more money.... :'(

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