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"Grand Theft Auto 4 :"

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Wed 18/12/02 at 13:59
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Hinted at work from a guy who has connections with a dude that works for Take Two. The next Grand Theft Auto is going to be set in the future around a city with looks based on those of the Blade Runner film.

I can only think of the possibilites and endless plotline ideas they will come up with. Maybe there is another game to actually look forward to on the PS2....
Fri 20/12/02 at 16:21
"Brownium Motion"
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So that's it then. I can feel justified in living up to my tagline because no-one's even commented on my half hour post! Even if someone told me it was crap, I'd be happy. Is anyone even out there?

Guys? Girls? Animals?
Fri 20/12/02 at 15:02
"Spanish Hardcore"
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The next is called Grand Theft Auto: Sin City.

My mate told me and showed me today in school.
Fri 20/12/02 at 14:33
"Brownium Motion"
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Someone better read this! I spent ages writing it! someone, anyone?

Oh well, another waste of half an hour...
Fri 20/12/02 at 14:30
"Brownium Motion"
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Ref comes in holding the bell, "Laydeees and geennts! We have an unprecedented situation here! I've been told we can dispense with the bell and just carry on until death!"

*The crowd starts wailing like banshees. They're so excited that they don't notice a certain Insane Bartender standing silently in their midst and looking on with a face like thunder. IB starts to navigate his way through the crowd to the front of the ring. One crowd member says, "Hey! You're in my line of sight what the hell do...urgh!" His words die in his throat as IB shoves a foot long blade with such force and skill that it comes out the back of the miscreant's head. IB continues to slowly make his way forward.*

Ref - "When I throw this bell into the crowd, the fight will re-commence."

*The ref starts revolving faster and faster to build up speed and throw the bell like a shotputt. He releases, and it flies towards IB who stands there as the bell hits him full force in the face. The crowd falls silent and some people, with concern in their eyes, turn towards IB to offer assistance. The crowd recoils in disgust and terror when IB turns around - half of his face is missing and there's the glint of a metal faceplate underneath. "I told you I'd return to wreak revenge on the squalid, heathen peasants that frequent this battleground" he whispers in a voice as rough a stone. The crowd are climbing over each other to get away as IB unearths a ninja katana from its' sheath. The blade is razor sharp as IB starts to hack away at the crowd, mindlessly bludgeoning, cutting and decpaitating his way to the "ring".*

*Gerrid and Slaveunit are unaware of the commotion in the crowd - they are only focusing on each other. Slaveunit rips off his boxing gloves and howls like a wild dog baying at the moon.*

*Gerrid is not fazed by the sudden animalistic tendencies in Slaveunit. He pulls out the chains from a hole in his boxing glove and starts waving them around like a lunatic. "Come, get some!" he yells and starts wildly swinging the chains around. One chain catches Slaveunit on his forearm and wraps itself around him. Gerrid pulls Slaveunit closer in for the kill.*

Slaveunit - "NO! I'm not having it!"

*Slaveunit braces his feet on the canvas and refuses to be drawn into Gerrid range of attack. Gerrid creeps closer, looking for an opening. Suddenly, with lightning-quick speed, Slaveunit runs under the other chain whipping around and with a quick twist, wraps it around Gerrid's head.*

Slaveunit - "Die! DIE! Why won't you die?"

*Meanwhile, in the crowd, IB has made his way to the front of the spectators. He has left a trail of bloody destruction in his wake. He doesn't look human - more like a cheap rendition of the Terminator albeit with a sly look in his eyes that no robot could possibly have. Is he a cyborg? IB casually reaches down and picks up a head that was rolling around - one of his past glories, no doubt. He expertly cuts off the face on the head and drapes it over his metal faceplate. He looks fairly ridiculous but in the half dark and gloom, no-one would notice unless they were staring straight at him. Unfortunately, what's remaining of the crowd is staring at him with undisguised disgust and fear in their eyes. Of course the crowd noticed him - he just butchered half of them in cold blood! Slaveunit is oblivious to all this - his only purpose is to strangle the life out of Gerrid with his own chain. Gerrid starts spluttering and gasping. His face is turning a sickly shade of purple*

Ref - "Whoa! What a move! It's all happening now, folks! Look at the pure strength of Slaveunit!"

*No-one in the crowd cares. They're trying to get away from IB, who has now decimated three quarters of them. IB shows no sign of stopping - there is a wild, frenzied look in his eyes and they have glazed over. He mercilessly slashes away at women, children and even the old and infirm. No-one is escaping the "blade of judgement". There are only about 20 crowd members left.*

Ref (utterly baffled) - "What's going on? Where's the crowd? Who dimmed the lights? How is Gerrid still alive?"

*Gerrid's face resembles Arnie when his helmet got smashed on Mars in Total Recall. The last whispers of life are echoing through his shattered body but he refuses to give up. Slaveunit has a look of victory on his face. Slaevunit squeezes as hard as he can and the chain snaps under the pressure. Gerrid falls to his knees gasping like a man who has run the marathon naked. Slaveunit stands over Gerrid and says in a taunting voice, "How do you like it? Is that sweet for you? Do you want some more?" Gerrid can't reply - he's still on the verge of death and banging on hell's door asking to be let in. Something in Gerrid refuses to give up and while Slaveunit is still standing over him, he uses superhuman strength to grab his ankle and trip him to the floor. Slaveunit falls backwards into the hole (made previously) in the canvas. Gerrid lurches to his feet and begins to stamp on Slaveunit's head.*

Ref- "What a turnaround! The fight still looks pretty evenly matc...ahh..."

*The ref sinks to the ground with a sigh. Seventeen shuriken are protuding from his face and neck, each tipped with a poison so deadly that one drop could kill 400 men. The ref falls on top of Slaveunit who is still
struggling to get out of the hole. Gerrid resumes his stamping with renewed vigour.*

*IB calmly admires his work - there is a wide swathe of limbs, guts and entrails all over the auditorium. "My, my what a mess. All these newbies should have learned their lesson. Oh well, they had to pay - in blood!" he chortles. IB walks over and vaults the ropes. He saunters into the ring and stands in front of Gerrid who is too intent on stamping to notice anything - the right hand side of Slaveunit's face looks like he's been run over by a bus. Twice. Gerrid finally notices someone else in the ring and looks up*

*Gerrid screams, "Who are you?" IB's fake face slithers off his metal faceplate and Gerrid grins in relief and laughs, "Hey IB, how's it goin..." His words are cut short as IB unsheaths his katana once again. In one swift motion, he manages to slice BOTH Gerrid, the ref and Slaveunit in half. Gerrid's legs are still twitching as if he's still stamping on Slaveunit but they eventually stop.*

Fri 20/12/02 at 13:53
"bit of a brain"
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This should just be 'The Fighting Thread'
Fri 20/12/02 at 13:43
"Back from the dead!"
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gerrid wrote:
> No.

*envisages gerrid as neo at the end of the Matrix when he says no to the bullets and they stop in the air.

*Slave's fist stops millimetres away from gerrids ribs, and then his arm falls off.

Ah, nuts.
Fri 20/12/02 at 13:39
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
Fri 20/12/02 at 13:38
"Back from the dead!"
Posts: 4,615
Oh, so I have to fight for myself, do i?

*Punches gerrid in the ribs*

Fri 20/12/02 at 13:32
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
Your fight would be better if it reflected actual events, like Slaveunit just disappearing.
*gerrid gets up for round two, Slaveunit is gone, oh*
Fri 20/12/02 at 13:32
"Back from the dead!"
Posts: 4,615
Blimey! You look away for 5 minutes, and all of a sufdden you're in a fight!


Nice one unbeliever... lol!

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