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"Sodding teachers. Part 2."

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Fri 17/01/03 at 18:43
Posts: 787
Gah, another cack day today. Here's how it went:

Some git took my pencil case and snapped everything in it, so in revenge, I took his bag and flushed it down the toilet with all his books (but not before removing his pencil case, which is now mine :D).

And then during lunch. I was talking and backed up into one of the larger teachers, who just happened to be carrying a tray with food on. No, before you ask, I didn't spill the food down him. Hell, it hardy even moved. However, after bellowing a rather (what I deemed) offensive remark, I replied with "Sorry" in a sarcastic tone. He made go to his office whilst he slowly walked up the stairs, his jelly legs carrying him every inch of the way. So, he basically had a go at me for being neglegant (and I denied that - he would say that, being a law teacher) and I basically said that I was standing up for myself and not letting ignorant teachers push me around. That really annoyed him, but luckily, my RE teacher was around to bail me out. She basically stood up for me, saying that I am a good student (meh). The angry teacher then told me to basically clear off, and I had a smug look on my face.

I thanked my RE teacher later, course.

Ah, annoying teachers, that's three this week. I really am becoming a rebel :D
Mon 20/01/03 at 16:49
"Brownium Motion"
Posts: 4,100
We had two P.E. teachers. Mr Goodwin was legendary. Everyday we used to stand outside the P.E. block (it was in a separate area) freezing our nuts off in the winter cold. He'd come outside, cross his arms across his burly chest and issue the legendary words:


A collective sigh emanated from the group and then we trooped inside to get changed and await our fate on the dreadful pitch of mud.
Mon 20/01/03 at 16:44
"Plotting Your Demis"
Posts: 342
My school's PE teachers are ok, but they're extremely lazy, to the point that they don't even bother filing detentions, when they swear that someone is going to get one. I popped a volleyball with a golf tee (don't ask me why) and he said that a bill was going to my house, this was obviously a lie, as I never received such a bill.
Mon 20/01/03 at 15:53
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
Lazy gits. At least my PE teacher is independant and trustworthy, he always comes outside even if it's ouring it down or even if it's hail (well I've never done a PE lesson when it's hailed before).
Mon 20/01/03 at 12:56
"The flux capacitor!"
Posts: 1,149
Now that IS funny :D
Mon 20/01/03 at 11:59
Posts: 23,284
My P.E teacher a few years ago never did anything

One day there was a blizzard outside... he told as to get changed and gave us a ball... after a minute he walked back inside and left us out. We came back in to see him having a fag and a cup of tea.

I couldn't help but laugh
Mon 20/01/03 at 11:56
"Remember me?"
Posts: 6,124
SHEEPY wrote:
> P.E teacher are thick


Nah. Just seriously misinformed.
Mon 20/01/03 at 11:54
"Brownium Motion"
Posts: 4,100
My P.E. teacher was a ginger mentalist called Mr Williets. He walked around in the same sweatshirt for as long as I remember - it had the words "STAFF TEAM" emblazoned across the back of it. Last I heard he eloped with our physics teacher who was called Miss Horner and, yes, she gave us all the horn. She used to wear short skirts and sit on top of her desk and cross her legs when trying to dictate to us. wonder I never got much work done in science class!
Mon 20/01/03 at 11:51
Posts: 23,284
P.E teacher are thick
Mon 20/01/03 at 11:43
"Brownium Motion"
Posts: 4,100
kitano wrote:

> er...don't mean to burst your bubble here but your pe teacher didn't
> invent danish cricket, it's been around for ages. i remember playing
> it like seven years ago in my primary school.

It wasn't even called Danish cricket - it was called French cricket as far as I can remember.
Mon 20/01/03 at 08:11
Posts: 0
Lombardo wrote:
> We've also played Gaelic Football, although I think its a real game
> (my teacher is Welsh). Its like footballm but you can rugby tackle!
> You can pick the ball up as well, and slide tackle people if rugby
> isn't your game, its better than conventional football.

meh, well the whole welsh thing explains that lol.

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