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"If you could play an instrument.."

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Sun 15/07/07 at 21:15
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If you could play an instrument fantastically/amazingly/wonderfully which instrument would it be?

Piano for me, I think
Tue 24/07/07 at 01:54
"Tornado Of Souls"
Posts: 5,680
Chr1s wrote:
> I'm happy with my guitar. It's pretty much the only thing I do in
> the daytime now, aside from sitting on the PC. With no college or
> anything in the way now, I might as well try and become the best
> guitar player in the world :D

I tried that several summers successively and it doesn't work :(
All that seems to happen is you get good enough to be able to see your faults better and get frustrated that as much as you do improve, there's still sooo much out of your reach.
I don't know how many hours I must have spent plodding out chromatic patterns to a metronome painfully slowly then incrementally building it up, and I still can't for the life of me sync both hands perfectly past a certain speed.

Er yeah, not trying to put you off or anything.
Tue 24/07/07 at 01:36
Posts: 5,659
Grix Thraves wrote:
> And hey, welcome to the forums :)
Tue 24/07/07 at 01:33
Posts: 23,216
If you ever feel like posting lyrics, we've got a creative writing forum just over the hedge there.

And hey, welcome to the forums :)
Tue 24/07/07 at 01:12
Posts: 8
I've wanted to be in a band for sooo long but have always been so busy that I've not had the chance.

I do write my own songs and think I could be quite good with a bit of help (as a writer anyway)

I know I might get a chance to be in a band within a couple of years but, at 32, my voice isn't as good as it used to be so I'm pretty gutted that things seem to have passed me by...

Really though, unless you're a pretty priviliged person, the chances of you getting to do something like that and making it work are pretty slim aren't they? (unless you're prepared to go on the dole for years while you're building the band up)

Instrument wise though, I'd like to take up the violin again and would like to try flute and harp. At least with a physical instrument, rather than a voice you can take it up at any age and, with a bit of hard work, be successful.

I love that idea about an online band that was posted. I really think that could work you know. Hey, if you want any lyrics.........
Fri 20/07/07 at 20:31
Posts: 20,776
I have a guitar sat here looking at me, bought it late last year and haven't used it nearly as much as I would like to have done.

I do intend at some point to become reasonably proficient at it ... sounds lame, but finding the time ...

I also for some reason bought a set of harmonicas on a whim, which I'd also like to have a dabble at when I get the chance.
Fri 20/07/07 at 19:57
Posts: 23,216
I'm gonna hold you to that
Fri 20/07/07 at 18:47
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
Somewhere in the mess I call my wardrobe is a cassette of me playing classical guitar -- one day I'll dig it out and inflict it upon you all.
Fri 20/07/07 at 18:22
Posts: 23,216
To be honest, with the sax, I'd love to back in an orchestra again. Or 'the band' as it was called. We played movie theme tunes and it was absolutely fantastic.

Not sure if I have the ability really anymore, it seems much harder to read music than it used to be.

A load of my classes have just ended actually, so maybe I could have a go at piano lessons.
Fri 20/07/07 at 12:57
"Going nowhere fast"
Posts: 6,574
Definitely Alto sax and to be more precise the saxaphone I have been lugging around with me now for the last 18 years. I promised faithfully that once I'd finished the degree I'd jump straight into these classes but 5 months down the line this thread is the first time I've thought about it again :(
Fri 20/07/07 at 12:47
Posts: 14,117
I'm cracking on with the piano now. I can now do both hands of Row Row Row Your boat.

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