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"The Legend of Zelda"

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Fri 28/03/03 at 13:53
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Ever since the early 1990s, when GMTV showed the 13-epsiode long series of The Legend of Zelda cartoons, whilst Mr. Motivator was pumping his stuff with baked beans cans and aerobics mats, i have been a great fan of The Legend of Zelda. A lot of people said the cartoon series was annoying, but it had a certain originality to it that made the other popular cartoons of the time seemed to lack.

It was about a princess, named Zelda, a teenage elf named Link, an evil wizard with pig-like features named Gannon and three jewels named the Triforce. Because the series was so short, only two of these jewels were ever focused upon, the red Triforce of Power, in the hands of the evil Ganon, and the blue Triforce of Wisdom, in the safe keeping of Princess Zelda. As Zelda's friend, Link, who wanted to be more than just friends, helped to keep the balance of power in order by protecting the Triforce of Wisdom safe from Gannon. Ofcourse, this led to some brilliant stories that could only be told in animated cartoons.

Now, thirteen years on, Nintendo have developed the story so much that it only resembles what it originally was in the cartoon and original NES game. But this is not, by all means, a bad thing. Who would want to play eight or nine different accounts of the same story? No one, and that's why each Zelda game has a new feel to it, that makes it unique from all the others and why the series is just as strong as it has ever been, if not stronger!

But Nintendo are doing something now that is to tease Zelda fans all over the world. First, Nintendo releases A Link to the Past, a Super Nintendo game, on the Game Boy Advance. Everyone, like me, wants to play this amazing game again, and so buys it. But it is just a port, despite it having the new Four Swords multiplayer game, a first for a Zelda title. Then, on May 3rd, Nintendo will be releasing a port of their Nintendo 64 title, Ocarina of Time, as well as the N64DD title that was never released, Ura Zelda, or Master Quest as it has now been renamed, with the brand new game The Wind Waker.

First of all, I know this sounds like I am complaining, but seriously, I couldn't be happier with Nintendo! They're potentially releasing five Legend of Zelda games across two systems in less than two months! This ofcourse will boost sales of Nintendo's knew Game Boy Advance SP, the frontlit Game Boy Advance, and sales of the GameCube will most likely be considerably higher than the Playstation 2's for atleast that week in May, as they were when Metroid boosted sales of the GameCube very recently.

Message boards across the net are already filling up with topics about Zelda, especially now that both the GBA cartridge and the GameCube discs are released in Japan and the United States. It is only a matter of time before the same fate reaches the shores of the British Isles and shops all across the country apologise to many gamers for selling out of their stock.

2003 is a brilliant year for gamers like me, and I can't wait for The Wind Waker's release on the GameCube. What's more, with so many mythical tales being popular at this time, Lord of the Rings being one of them, it is a brilliant time for Shigeru Miyamoto to release his own interactive mythical tale.

Edgy - currently playing A Link to the Past.
Sat 03/04/04 at 21:08
Posts: 15,681
A pack for Zelda fans out there:

Fri 02/04/04 at 14:17
Posts: 163
Zelda is a beast of a game.
The 1st ever was good and i still play that one today.
The new ones are good but none can beat the ultimate ZELDA 3 A LINK TO THE PAST. Thanx bye
Wed 31/03/04 at 20:57
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There was way too much emphasis on the water. And getting rid of Hyrule...I mean, Hyrule is what Link fights to protect!

A redesign of Hyrule would have been fine...but flooding it and killing many of its inhabitants...such as the Kokiri for a dodgy race of things...

It's almost genocide!

In a videogame sense.

Good game, but I have many criticisms over it.
Tue 30/03/04 at 23:15
Posts: 9,848
I sort of enjoyed it but...

for a Zelda game...

it was sort of...

Mon 29/03/04 at 21:58
Posts: 15,681
I quite enjoyed Wind Waker.

It was shorter than I expected - I'm the kind of person who likes lots and lots of large dungeons.

And the final fight was incredibly short - especially when I cottoned on to what I had to do.

However as a whole I really enjoyed this game.
Sun 28/03/04 at 23:52
Posts: 9,848
All that time later and Windwaker was a let down, for some of us atleast! ;-)

Windwaker 2 has potential though.
If they could make Shocktroopers game with the Windwaker graphics and controls...

That would be the best of Orcarina, Majora's Mask and Windwaker rolled into one.
I doubt that Nintendo have those sorts of ambitions nowdays though.
Sun 28/03/04 at 21:14
Posts: 13,611
Enjoyed your post Edgy, but was it just me or was the writing moving?

Maybe I should get more sleep...
Sun 28/03/04 at 20:02
Posts: 4,558

*Does that thing with his fingers*
Sun 28/03/04 at 19:57
Posts: 15,681
Very true.
Sun 28/03/04 at 10:48
Posts: 4,558
You wish topics like this were posted on a regular basis nowadays.

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