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The "General Games Chat" forum, which includes Retro Game Reviews, has been archived and is now read-only. You cannot post here or create a new thread or review on this forum.

Tue 27/11/01 at 17:46
Posts: 787
Here's another chance or two to win an EXTRA GAMEADAY prize of any game of your choice from our entire catalogue.

Just write a headline and a news story.

It must be true.

It must be in your own words, not copied word for word.

It must be of interest to our type of people.

The best of these will appear in the News Headlines across our site and at

By "best" we mean the "most interesting".

The best of the best will be awarded the prize. You will NOT necessarily win a prize if your story is used.

The first prize will be awarded one week from now, at 17:00 on December 4th.

If the pontest is copular then it will be pereated the loffowing week.

Get your stories now from any news source. You must enter them in this thread for them to be considered.
Thu 03/01/02 at 18:09
"The GAD Realm"
Posts: 209
Ninja Gaiden

The old school master is flying over the next-generation opening with new adjustment of coin-op characteristics.

Tecmo, the team that brought you Dead Or Alive 2: Hardcore is coming on very strong, with full power ahead in the next-generation industry, with their latest game in development, Ninja Gaiden. This is going to be a leading title and will totally revolutionise the gaming industry, as we know it.

Ninja Gaiden is one of the greatest titles of the year, arriving on the amazing PlayStation 2. Itís going to be even larger than Dead Or Alive 2.

Look out for this's going to be MASSIVE!!!
Mon 24/12/01 at 14:40
"Luck from Heaven"
Posts: 1,279
Rumour goin round that Rare are making a game starring none other than.........the SR Snowman. Only a rumour though. Actually, I made it up.
Mon 24/12/01 at 12:41
"The GAD Realm"
Posts: 209
Time Crisis II Set-up:

Just to recap, if you consider buying Time Crisis II with the G-Con 2, make sure you're using the 3-phono lead to connect to your Television that you got with the PS2, or even your SCART lead, which has a phono adapter for video-out. The gun has a phono lead that needs to catch the video-out signal from your PS2, and comes with a little adapter so that it goes between the PS2 and the TV screen. If by any chance you use an RGB SCART lead, make sure it's a third-party peripheral, with a G-Con adapter socket. If you're using an RF lead, you will need to get yourself an AV adapter as well. The new G-Con works the same way as the old one for The PSone. It can also plug into high-end USB sockets.

Just a reminder.
Mon 24/12/01 at 12:29
"The GAD Realm"
Posts: 209
PlayStation 2 undertakes a new look!

Sony has confirmed that they will be producing limited edition versions of the PS2 in various different colours. Even the controller will be set to match the new look of the PS2s. The lovely new space-age colours include Blue, Red, Silver, Yellow, and White.

The new PS2 colours are part of the European Automobile Colour Collection to celebrate the construction of its 20 millionth PS2.

The units are selling very well in Japan at this very moment, but will it reach the UK? I certainly hope so.
Mon 24/12/01 at 12:28
"The GAD Realm"
Posts: 209
XBOX and Sega hug

Microsoft and Sega have teamed-up to use the XBOX graphics board in their latest Arcade machines. This is very similar to the way Sega used the Dreamcast Naomi board a few years back. This will create better Arcade to XBOX game conversions. looks as though SEGA have knocked-off PS2 and have turned around the corner to XBOX.

A new revolution has begun!
Wed 19/12/01 at 17:23
"The GAD Realm"
Posts: 209
Slaveunit wrote:
> if it was closed the first post would have been changed by Tony to say so. It
> looks like you can still enter.

Thanks Slaveunit
Wed 19/12/01 at 17:14
Posts: 7,549
####Capcoms cartoon Gran Turismo####

Capcom, creators of the Resident Evil series and PS2's Devil May Cry, are lining up a new racing title in the form of 'Auto Modellista'.

The unique thing about this title is that it will feature full cel-shaded graphics. Some may see this as a bit of a risky move, especially if it wants to compete with the likes of Gran Turismo 3. Capcom however, esure PS2 users that there game will be able to cope with the racing giants while also bringing a 'cartoonish' feel to the racing genre.

The game is said to feature real life cars such as the Mazda RX7 and the Subaru Impreza. Each car can be upgraded with new parts and tweaked to the players content; just like Gran Turismo then. However Capcom have announced this title will be the first racer to go online. When logged onto the internet players will be able to race, chat, and even exchange parts.

The game has not yet been comfirmed for a UK release but you can be assured that 'Auto Modellista' will be sketching onto your PS2 in the near future.
Wed 19/12/01 at 14:23
"Back from the dead!"
Posts: 4,615
if it was closed the first post would have been changed by Tony to say so. It looks like you can still enter.
Wed 19/12/01 at 13:17
"The GAD Realm"
Posts: 209
Please could someone kindly let me know if it's still possible to try and win on this compo?
Tue 18/12/01 at 18:25
"The GAD Realm"
Posts: 209
Dav1d wrote:
> Is this compo still open?......

I hope so, I have tried very hard on it. That doesn't mean that I am expectnig a win. Well okay, it does, but still...

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