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"Enter the matrix - Oh my word!"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Enter the Matrix'.
Fri 16/05/03 at 22:37
Posts: 787
Absolutely fantastic! Got it for 6.49 from special reserve after trading in 10 old ps1 games and the game rocks!

The old slow mo off the wall and spin kicking the security guards - pure genius!

Just wondered though if you can do that jump in the air and multiple kick people like neo did in the first matrix film?
Sat 07/06/03 at 15:28
Posts: 15,681
Vaidoso wrote:

> Also, I believe you mentioned that you get to fight Trinity, is that
> only when playing Ghost? And, must I input a cheat code in order for
> that to happen?

I've not got that far as Naiobe yet, but as Ghost you do fight Trinity - it's part of the game, so no cheats required.
Sat 07/06/03 at 14:25
"Ah the mystic porta"
Posts: 967
pnkr wrote:
> MIGIT BOY wrote:
> I compleated the matrix in 2 days and i brought it for 39.99
> what a rip off.
> you sad person, did you go outside in that period of time, or were you
> just inside playing the game for a solid 48 hours?

the game only has 50 hours worht of gameplay if you play as both niobe and ghost on all the difficulty levels e.g. 5 hours per person per difficulty level. also the game was very enjoyable, but i found that the hacking was hard to start with then it became very easy and it was over too quickly.
Sat 07/06/03 at 06:22
Posts: 1
You seem to be knowledgeable about the hacking aspect of Enter The Matrix, perhaps you can help me.
At certain levels, the game has difficulty loading. I've entered in some cheat codes, perhaps that has something to do with it. If it does, how do I go about removing the codes without starting anew.

Also, I believe you mentioned that you get to fight Trinity, is that only when playing Ghost? And, must I input a cheat code in order for that to happen?

Please get back to me, thanks.

Vaidoso @ [email protected]
Sat 31/05/03 at 14:33
"Big Pimpin'"
Posts: 664
I've finally completed it and it's almost worth getting just to see the trailer for revolutions at the end
Wed 28/05/03 at 14:32
"!Basement Clucking!"
Posts: 364
Once the novelty of the 'FOCUS' wore off i got pretty bored with it, but we all have our preferences.
Wed 28/05/03 at 14:23
Posts: 15,681
I like it - suprised to see it on two discs (I have the GameCube version) but it is good all the same.

I traded in Batman Vengeance and Phantasy Star Collection for it, so I think I've benefited :D
Tue 27/05/03 at 20:40
Posts: 13,611
I thought Enter The Matrix was average. Nothing to get excited about.

But if you like it then good for you :D.
Tue 27/05/03 at 11:11
"mini that is"
Posts: 112
i have completed the game with ghost and now im doing the game with the woman but i have found it to be a bit short, the hacking parts of the game is great you get to put weapon drops anywere and you get to fight trinity.
Mon 26/05/03 at 08:41
"I am Riki Takeuchi!"
Posts: 2,988
MIGIT BOY wrote:
> Is ghost in the matrix film

He has a VERY brief appearance in Reloaded as does Niobe but both of them have a much bigger part in Revolutions.
Mon 26/05/03 at 08:39
"I am Riki Takeuchi!"
Posts: 2,988
Mr Lover Man wrote:
> Alter Ego wrote:
> But if they were games he was finished with then why not?
> Exactly, but have you ever got rid of a game and then 6 months later
> thought...DOH!...and gone and bought it again?
> I did that with the megadrive, sold it got a ps1, then a ps2 and then
> re-bought a megadrive. It doesn't get used much but it's's
> there!

Meh, but why don't people THINK and only sell games they're never gonna play. I never sell games. Never.

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