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"Can anything stop GC doing a dreamcast?"

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Thu 29/05/03 at 08:57
Posts: 787
With the rubbish you get on the Nintendo Gamecube highly unlikely
Thu 29/05/03 at 18:11
"bing bang bong"
Posts: 3,040
Do not feed the Trolls driving Lexus'
Thu 29/05/03 at 16:22
"Wants Spymate on dv"
Posts: 3,025
Why do so many people feel the need to bother replying to this kind of thread baffles me. This sort of thing has been written so many times for a bit of fun by Top Score the moron, yet whenever itís written again we have a flood of replies again and again and again. Just donít bother wasting time and energy giving this rubbish your attention.
Thu 29/05/03 at 16:12
"Ghost Mutt"
Posts: 1,326
Backwards dancing can, through the streets of Jamaica
Thu 29/05/03 at 16:12
"Vote for Me!"
Posts: 62
Alter Ego wrote:
> This comming from the guy who's eyesight is so bad he thought i wrote
> that...

That is actually quite funny!

Oh, TS, how much do you pay insurance for your car?

What do you work as too?
P.S Rent boy doesn't count as a proper job, find another.
Thu 29/05/03 at 16:01
Posts: 15,681
Top score wrote:
> Hope none of you Ninty fanboys drive because your so blind you can't
> see what is infront of you.
> Perhaps your blind through to much sex. No that can't be true none of
> you are old enough to have sex.

Contradictive - for if we 'aren't old enough' for sex, then we wouldn't be able to drive anyway.

Considering I drive, and I'm a Nintendo fan (not a fanboy, Top score, you're one of those - there's a clear difference - BOY) then I think you need to rethink your petty insults.
Thu 29/05/03 at 14:18
"poo poo for you!"
Posts: 2,161
lol poor thing
Thu 29/05/03 at 14:08
Posts: 11,038
WŠnking makes you blind?

I'll have to change my outlook on life for now...
Thu 29/05/03 at 13:58
"poo poo for you!"
Posts: 2,161
*claps* touchť
Thu 29/05/03 at 13:36
"!Basement Clucking!"
Posts: 364
Top score wrote:
> Alter Ego wrote:
> Sex doesn't make you blind, it's w*nking that does that.
> I will take your word for that, did you use a brail keypad to write
> this text?

This comming from the guy who's eyesight is so bad he thought i wrote that...
Thu 29/05/03 at 13:35
Posts: 10,489
No your mom typed it coz she iz da best!

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