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"Vice City on Xbox"

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Tue 12/08/03 at 18:35
Posts: 787
In this months issue of OXM they said that Vice City was coming to Xbox. is this true, or are they just talking, like normal, complete and utter rubbish?
Sat 04/10/03 at 10:00
"Over & done with!!!"
Posts: 374
Damn, they said they have no news on improvements yet for the Xbox versions, already got them both on PS2, got 100% on Vice city and 97% on GTA3... What do you think, will there be any improvements?
Sat 04/10/03 at 09:48
"2 game or not 2 gam"
Posts: 45
the gta double pack front cover case and info on
Sun 28/09/03 at 19:36
Posts: 5,848
I hate the GTA games but it would be good for those who only buy PS2s for this game and those PS2philes who say Xbox doesn't have it haha
Sun 28/09/03 at 17:51
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
My cash will be ready for it whatever day its released. ;-)
Sun 28/09/03 at 17:00
Posts: 21,800
It's being released sometime in November, can't remember the exact date though.
Sun 28/09/03 at 13:58
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
Hedfix wrote:
> SR has it down as 4/11/03.

The 4th November is a Tuesday, so I wouldn't expect it to be released then. But I think it should be out before Christmas, I'm pretty sure Rockstar and Microsoft will be pushing for a Christmas time release so that the sales will be pretty high.
Sun 28/09/03 at 13:48
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
As far as the name goes, I hear it will be called GTA on XBox. I heard that Sony have done another deal that lets Rockstar use the GTA name, but gives them another period of exclusivity with the next GTA game that comes out. Thats what I heard anyway.
Sun 28/09/03 at 12:24
Posts: 33,481
SR has it down as 4/11/03.
Sun 28/09/03 at 12:01
"2 game or not 2 gam"
Posts: 45
Does anyone know a release date for this, i am really looking forward to buying it.
Mon 22/09/03 at 21:30
Posts: 9,631
Thing i don't get is how can they not use the GTA name... Are they gonna just put "3 AND VICE CITY" on the box? Haha, what a funny sight that would be.

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