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"Perfect Dark"

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Fri 26/09/03 at 22:29
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For example

(ora SagdiyeV)
Tue 17/02/04 at 11:05
Posts: 414
I've still got my N64, never go on it anymore. Only problem is that i've never even owned Perfect Dark, it was just one of my friends. I have looked for it a million times but i've never found it and a expansion pack for a reasonable price.
Tue 17/02/04 at 11:02
Posts: 414
Perfect Dark is my favourite game ever! I think.
Anyway is there ever going to be another one made?
Wed 11/02/04 at 22:27
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There isn't a sane man alive who doesn't like perfick dark!
Wed 11/02/04 at 20:50
"I love yo... lamp."
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Go for it. It isn't likely to cost you much at all. And it certainly will be worth it.
Wed 11/02/04 at 19:37
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I've been thinking about getting another N64 after I foolishy sold mine for about 15

Playing Diddy Kong Racing again reminded me of the good 'ole days.
And hearing about Perfect Dark *dribbles*... damn I loved that game :D
Sun 01/02/04 at 20:12
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
Except my new one arrived yesterday morning SHRINK WRAPPED. For less than 20. I am an emperor among men!
Tue 27/01/04 at 20:25
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I sold mine .... then bought another about 2 months ago for 30 quid!

Tue 27/01/04 at 20:24
"Far Beyond Metal"
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Perfect Dark is definately one of my favourite games of all time. Sometimes I wish that I'd never sold my N64. It had so many great games. :)
Tue 27/01/04 at 09:19
"Anyone but that one"
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I love perfect dark.. fantastic game.
I found the Skedar Ruins very hard though.
Mon 26/01/04 at 15:21
Posts: 20,776
I love getting in that small isolation room in facility (felicity), where there are two doors and a glass window. then you equip double magnums and shoot the suckers through the glass, or the door if they get close enough.

*evil laugh*

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