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Fri 14/09/01 at 23:37
Posts: 787
This post is not about Tuesdays events.

I am in shock once more.

This evening some friends... male and female went down to a park down the road to make a film as we do... we were going to take some drink but best thought not to bother (much to my disgust).

SO the rain comes on we get some futage done and are about to leave as it is getting dark.

" Whit are ye dain... oot ma way "

Some " Thing " which may have been female begins to curse and swear at us... we just do our best to ignore them and they leave...

Only to return and shout remarks saying we had called her names... which we hadn't... she only wanted a fight... she went hysterical threating us... shouting... the guys trying to calm her down then she turns around and hits on of my friends (female)... silence... couldn't bloody believe it then she starts getting fired in.

We are intelligent people... yes we have alcohol... we are not morons... we are normal people out like teenagers should.. having reasonible fun with not causing trouble.

SO the females stand there in shock and the guys who are sensible... try to stop the fight... using no violence.. then she craps her head and doesn't let go, myself and her boyfriend try to get her off and many times she hits me square on the face... then she goes for another female friend, kneeing her constantly in the face and punching her all the time lashing out at my mates who are trying to clam her down.

IF anyone says hit by a girl haha. This person was an animal, she assaulted my close friends and myself... there is blood all over my clothes.. my friends are in shock and we deceided to phone the police.

Tommorrow I will need to make a statement... I had to come in tonight and tell my parents everything... scared that I would lose their trust but I told the truth... begging I had done nothing but help my friends being beaten up.

I am not sure what to say but this week I have been in more shock, pain and also shamed at the human race.
Sat 15/09/01 at 19:29
Posts: 15,443
Yeah... but if you were seen, they would propbably send a gang of more townies after you, throwing a burning stick through your window or beat you up until you're severely maimed. Probably.
Sat 15/09/01 at 19:24
Posts: 1,294
SHEEPY you should have given her a swift headbut, followed by a right huck. That would have knocked her out and given you time to leg it
Sat 15/09/01 at 19:18
Posts: 15,443
Maybe because they're deaf.
Sat 15/09/01 at 16:28
Posts: 23,284

Yes you hit me over the head with a Buckfast bottle.

Anyone from West Coast of Scotland can see the picture.

Bunch of low lifes, brighr white, can't talk drinkign Buckfast.
Sat 15/09/01 at 16:17
"I like cheese"
Posts: 16,918 and your friends were there, and then a crowd of people came along, and one of them went insane. Got it.

Probably drunk or something. Insane, maybe.
Sat 15/09/01 at 16:14
Posts: 23,284

crowd of people male and female.

One female goes insane

Attackes two of my female friends... seriously hurting them.

Me and few other mates, try to calm her down and stop her kneeing people in face... me getting 5 wallaps to the face and spat on.

Oh yeah bloody morons ruined my MAnics t-shirt :-)
Sat 15/09/01 at 16:13
Posts: 23,216
I'm ashamed that these people exist, yeah... but I would be much more ashamed to be one of these people. I take comfort in knowing who I am, if I don't truly understand fully.
Sat 15/09/01 at 16:08
"I like cheese"
Posts: 16,918
Sorry to say this Sheepy, but I hardly understood any of your post, I guess you were too shocked to write properly.

I am confused as to whether it was 1 person attacking you, or 2 people, or 1 woman trying to be calmed down by her friends...sorry, perhas sometime you can explain it to me better. I get the main part of it, though.
Sat 15/09/01 at 15:35
Posts: 0
They're the scum of society whatever you want to call them, and I always wish that one day I could re-create a Utopian world where people like this didn't exist. The area where I live used to be a really nice, friendly place to go out for a drink, but now with the advent of a few new bars, the place keeps getting infiltrated by thuggish pikes who are only looking for one thing. It makes me sick; my friends are constantly getting their faces smashed in simply because they might be a bit better off in life, and the townies can't handle it.

I'm ashamed such people can exist.
Sat 15/09/01 at 15:13
Posts: 1,294
Fogmaster wrote:
> self defence is good, but a war isn't, i'm glad most countries
> around the 'suspects' have agreed on cooperation, but i'm not sure
> how far America will take it, they've probably already sent
> survalience teams out there.
It's not my choice, I don't know what
> the right actions are for the situation + I seriously doubt that
> Bush was affected by the event, so what right has he got to choose
> what happens? I hope something happens, but I don't want more
> innocent people getting hurt, and just because they were having a
> party when the news came over to them doesn't mean they should all
> die!

They were not having a party! They were celebrating the deaths of hundreds of civilians. They were actually glad that America had been given a taste of their own medacine, BUT America only attack if it is to protect their country, the people that attacked America did it just for pure revenge.

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