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"Final Fantasy X-2"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Final Fantasy X-2'.
Fri 20/02/04 at 19:09
Posts: 2,769
yay, got it, its quite good aint it, the graphics have been matched over the 2 years, but overall quite good.
quite hard aswell, quite surprissed when i got killed by a fiend in zanarkand, not even a boss.
i like the costume changes, i have Yuna as black mage, and payne and rikku as their standards, what have u lot got?
dude, the plot looks good, especially after seeing the sphere from kilika port.

anyway, leave all ya thourghts here, back to spira....
Tue 06/04/04 at 18:24
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Chocobo cave?
Tue 06/04/04 at 12:40
"You can't catch me!"
Posts: 1,065
how do you get machina maw's break hp limit
Sun 04/04/04 at 21:32
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Kick ass.
Finished - 95%.
Everyone level 99, all abilities learnt. Did Via Infinito as well (muchly proud). Missed Mascot, though - pffftt.

Vegnagun's liitle cripple midget arms are hilarious.
Mon 15/03/04 at 16:13
"Redness Returneth"
Posts: 8,310
beanz wrote:
> Wakka wrote:
> Do the Catuar missions and the Via Infinito levels give you percent?
> yes they do

How much percent?
Sun 14/03/04 at 22:45
"accidental superher"
Posts: 2,482
Wakka wrote:
> Do the Catuar missions and the Via Infinito levels give you percent?

yes they do
Sun 14/03/04 at 16:56
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
About 87% I think.
I'm going to get everyone up to level 99 before I do anything else.
They're around 65 at the moment, but Yuna's 3 levels behind the rest for some reason - even though she has the most Exp.

You understand my dirty mind made your tag funny.
Sun 14/03/04 at 16:41
"Redness Returneth"
Posts: 8,310
Its nice to see that someone likes my tagline. :)

How much percent do you have now, FFF?
Sun 14/03/04 at 16:40
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
"Come on the Aurochs!"

Sun 14/03/04 at 16:37
"Redness Returneth"
Posts: 8,310
Do the Catuar missions and the Via Infinito levels give you percent?
Sat 13/03/04 at 20:56
Posts: 2,339
Japs. Insulting?

Way to go PC Brigade...

Which means that Jerries, Yanks, Brits, Scots etc are all insulting as well. I think not.

Heh, just because they lost WWII. :P

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