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"Zelda - What is yor fav Zelda Game"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time'.
Tue 31/08/04 at 09:30
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Zelda ocarina rules but they r all class
Mon 03/01/05 at 03:03
"wake up nintendo"
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occarina of time made the n64 hopefully the new zelda can have same affect 2 gamecube it was massive without being too repetative but am i the only one who thinks hes ruined a fer anolouge sticks on n64 joypads coz the long runs across hyrule field before i got epona(a brilliant feeling when u break out of lon lon ranch and able 2 ride anywhere and jumpin over broken bridge in gerudo forest first time you see adult link top quality classic nintendo moments) majoras mask was gd but i felt it was a little short and the last battle was ruined by being able 2 u se the deity mask it took away the tactics you had to use wen tackling ganon without the master sword or battling two witches at end of spirt temple just hope new zelda will give us more classic moments horseback fightings looking good and their looks to be more variety to the enemies
Sat 01/01/05 at 14:15
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well i just slowed down time...that was a thing that annoyed me in the game i dont remmeber it telling you how to do that...i played it by mistake and got the next day song and the slow down was song of time played differently if i can remmeber
Fri 31/12/04 at 19:41
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I wasn't too keen on having such a tight time limit in Majora's Mask. For example, you had to complete a boss on your first go or you were unlikely to have time to try agian without having to go back in time and redo the entire dungeon.
Fri 31/12/04 at 19:27
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Personally id say majoras mask...I recently replayed through that and OOt and actually became bored of OOT. Whereas if you got bored in the main part of majoras mask there was so much to do...and it was quite fun knowing what was going to happen to people (malon and the alien things made me laugh especillly when o forgot i had to shoot the things)
Fri 31/12/04 at 00:30
"Bring the beat back"
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Ocarina of time

Yeah I may not have played every Zelda game that has ever been made but I still would rate it as the best.
Thu 30/12/04 at 19:55
"bit of a brain"
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Thu 30/12/04 at 18:57
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If only OoT had the Wind waker combat and camera system..
Thu 30/12/04 at 18:51
"Random by default"
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Ocarina of time.

It just had that "i must continue to play it" feeling and almost every second was brilliant. I was hooked the moment i saw the start screen.
Thu 30/12/04 at 18:49
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Thu 30/12/04 at 13:33
"kill my enemys"
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ocarina of time definatly.

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