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"United getting a thrashing"

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Sat 29/10/05 at 19:00
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4-0 to Middlesbrough now.
Mon 31/10/05 at 10:35
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It's happened to people before hasn't it - they "fell out of love" with the game. Maybe Rio just doesn't care anymore.
Mon 31/10/05 at 09:17
Posts: 10,009
Mav wrote:

> For someone so naturally talented it's worrying to see him constantly
> look just plain bored...

Yes he looks like he'd rather be anywhere than on the pitch.
Sun 30/10/05 at 20:45
"RIP: Brian Clough"
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I can honestly say from the highlights on MoTD I've never see a defender as good as Rio play as below par as he did against Boro. That goal with the long ball when he got turned by Hasselbaink I think it was, was just rediculous. Rio's quite tall and had he jumped he easily would have won the ball but just let Jimmy take it and then let him turn him and score. On Mendieta's second goal he didn't get nearly tight enough on the crosser giving him plenty of time to pick out the cross. Truely amaeturish (as is my spelling btw). :)
Sun 30/10/05 at 19:23
Posts: 8,818
Ferdinand is off form at the moment and so is the rest of the United team. Only Rooney and Ruud have scored goals for United in their games with the exeption of Silvestre and Ronaldo yesterday. So noone else seems capable of scoring consistantly at the moment compared to Chelsea, they are full of goals all over the park.

We are going on a downward spiral at the moment and the loss of key players has not helped. Our squad is fairly thin, especially the midfield when Keane is missing our tmam goes missing. Mendieta (sp?) got far too much room yesterday, the penalty from Richardson was unnecassary (playing at left back?) and Rio, well he should really concentrate on defending rather than playing football.

I just feel we need a new man in charge, the current one should have retired a while ago.
Sun 30/10/05 at 13:37
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And the way he didn't even acknowledge Ferdinand as he came off. I don't know how warm it was at the riverside, but that was cold.

Seriously though, what the hell is wrong with Ferdinand at the moment? People say he needs a kick up the ars* but to be honest, after being dropped from the national side and not picking his game up, I'm not convinced he's that kind of character.

For someone so naturally talented it's worrying to see him constantly look just plain bored...
Sun 30/10/05 at 13:33
Posts: 10,009
I was hoping Fergie would explode on the touchline he certainally looked like he was going to!
Sun 30/10/05 at 13:32
Posts: 13,611
Ah, I'll let you off.
Sun 30/10/05 at 13:31
"RIP: Brian Clough"
Posts: 10,491
I must be blind. Sorry Mav.
Sun 30/10/05 at 13:21
Posts: 13,611
Forest Fan wrote:
> I don't disagree with you about youth, yada yada, but even Fergie has
> admitted financially United are way off Chelsea and can't compete
> which is why they got Robben.

Mav wrote:
> can still compete financially with all but Chelsea.

Sun 30/10/05 at 11:24
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
Meka Dragon wrote:
> Nah, I've been Man Utd for a while. (Pre Premiership) and have never
> much liked Liverpool.
> Can't believe I spent £7 on that piece of crap performance
> today...

You should make it down the Abbey more often then :-D

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