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Thu 15/09/05 at 16:31
Posts: 6,592
Everyone knows scars are big, clever and make you look cool. Like smoking and swearing and punching children. But I have some of the most retarded scars on any human.

I have one down the length of my right forearm, quite faint, from falling off a skateboard in one of those hilarious videos you've no doubt seen. Thing is, it didn't even hurt at the time, it was literally just a scrape, the top of the skin came off. Now I have a twatty looking scar the length of my arm for falling off a moving plank of wood.

On my bicep on the same arm, I have a nasty looking scar, but - here's the thing - I don't know where it came from. How spasticated is that? It happened while I was at uni, I just looked at my arm one day and found I had a scar there where there was no scar before. It kind of looks circular, like I fell on a glass or bottle or something, but the fact I'm scarred for life and don't know how I did it makes me feel stupid. It's not like I didn't remember cutting myself, it's that I don't remember the injury ever being there - how long does a cut take to scar? A week or more? I must have been drunk a long time.

I tell people my scars are from 'Nam.

Share your scar stories; it'll be like Jaws, only with nerds who fall off skateboards.
Sat 24/09/05 at 14:32
Posts: 10,009
I've got a new scar now. Was cutting up some chicken to use in a curry and managed to slice into my index finger on my left hand.

I've done that loads of times before but never seem to learn and every previous time it's healed perfectly and left no scar, however this time it has? Maybe it will fade over tiem.
Wed 21/09/05 at 14:16
Posts: 9,808
Have a good one on my thumb where I was cutting boxes open with a knife in my old job, had a hangover and was tired as could be and somehow managed to put my non-cutting thumb in the way of what I was cutting. Happened very quickly and as the knife had just had new blade fitted went pretty much right down to the bone, I actually got a good long look at my thumb bone, before the blood kicked in and I had to run off crying for a first- aider...

The other one I've got on my arm is from those bloody cats...
Tue 20/09/05 at 19:34
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
Tomm wrote:
> all the way around my neck...

Giant tin-opener?
Tue 20/09/05 at 13:12
Posts: 3,522
Faint red blotch near left nipple. Snazzled it on the spout of a just-boiled kettle when I was about 6.

Inch-long scar under right knee. Jammed it on the edge of a low wall whilst being chased around school playground by a boy who later committed suicide when he was 18.
Mon 19/09/05 at 14:02
"the burning sky"
Posts: 4,984
To be added to my collection, a scar the length of the middle section of the first finger on my left hand, and one thats almost completely faded now, all the way around my neck...
Sun 18/09/05 at 22:25
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
Very_Metal wrote:
> yeah, i heard if you fear it more then the mark is worse ;p


My brain wasn't it gear :-D
Sun 18/09/05 at 19:41
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
RastaBillySkank wrote:
> Oddly enough, for someone who scares as easily as I do, my BCG has
> barely left a mark on my arm.

yeah, i heard if you fear it more then the mark is worse ;P
Sun 18/09/05 at 16:34
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
Oddly enough, for someone who scares as easily as I do, my BCG has barely left a mark on my arm.
Sun 18/09/05 at 12:21
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
patch on shin: sporting mishap
BCG: because school looks after you
2 thin "tramlines" on stomach, scraped a ladder catch across myself by mistake.
side of eyebrow missing: got bottled

that's it for the time being.
Sat 17/09/05 at 21:42
Posts: 20,776
I have a 2 inch scar at the base of my back which happened when I fell in the shower. I was about 10 at the time - I fell onto the porcelein soap dish holder, which smashed, and the jagged edge went into my back. Doctor said I was a few cm from severing the old spinal cord. D'oh!

Then when I was about 20 I jumped off a sand dune at Newquay, straight onto a buried rusty barbed-wire fence. Tore a hole in my right foot, required 17 stitches and severed all the nerves surrounding the wound. Because it was on the beach, the wound got full of sand, and the doctor remedied this by scrubbing it all out using a toothbrush. He was lifting a huge flap of flesh and scrubbing underneath. Nearly made me wretch.

I'm staying in when I'm 30.

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