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"I'm moving in with my boyfriend"

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Thu 11/08/05 at 00:39
"Your darling mother"
Posts: 65
I've had it easier this last year or so living with my mom, as spoiled and selfish as that seems. But my boyfriend a while back ago begged me to go live him and I spontaniously agreed because I thought it'd be a nice idea. Now though he's so hyped up about....and I'm was having second thoughts.

I don't see us lasting any longer than a month. For some reason though I just can't dump him NOW. It's bad of me to lead him on like this. I'd hate for someone not to tell me the truth and still loving someone, not knowing the truth about their feelings about me.

Regardless I'm moving in with him. I can't belive I'm doing it, but I am. I hate myself so much for this. I'm usually really outspoken, loud, real. Why am I doing this to him?!

I want to see a guys view on this. Please don't hesitate to call me any names for being this much of a B-ch. Don't think I won't have a half-witted come-back though.
Fri 12/08/05 at 20:22
Posts: 18,775
Goatboy wrote:
> Having read this, I suggest:
> That you are yet another mindless wittering female who has neither
> the sense nor the intelligence to think for itself and needs to
> validate herself in the eyes of others rather than act like an
> emotional adult.
> I hope your boyfriend laughs when you dump him and I hope he shags
> your best mate so you two fall out.
> I also hope you end up pregnant by somebody else and it's malformed,
> giving you a constant reminder of your stupidity and vile attitude.
> **edit**
> I also hope you meet somebody like me, who'll smile sweetly and
> pretend to be really into you and tell you things you want to hear
> until he's slept with you and then laugh in your face and tell you
> how stupid you were for listening to him.
> That is all.

Heh love it.
Fri 12/08/05 at 10:19
Posts: 2,731
You can't bring yourself to tell him? Did I miss something where Women became the emotionally stronger race? Be a woman about things, cry, tell him he treats you all wrong then leave him with no clue as to how he messed up. Alternativly, move in for a month, then when you go to leave, argue what of his property is actually yours. And hint at marriage for a while, when the old fool drops to one knee, tell him "Yes, yes, a million times yes", then leave with a happy smile and the words "It's my ring now sucker"

Just to him and then feast on him like a black widow, you know thats what your primal instincs tell you to do.
Fri 12/08/05 at 03:40
Posts: 8,220
Yourmom wrote:
> Dead Spiders your my new b/f.

Hurray. Wanna move in?

> Buy me flowers or no dinner for a month^.~

Fft, I don't think so. You buy me flowers or you can't move in when we break up.
Fri 12/08/05 at 02:01
"Your darling mother"
Posts: 65
ssxpro wrote:
> What are you, 12? He's with somebody who can't even be honest or talk
> about things like this with him. Instead you've gone off to talk to
> complete strangers on an internet chat forum - do you not think he'd
> be relieved if you break up? If you're going to live with your
> partner, at least get to the stage where you can talk to eachother.

You really think I made my decision by just talking to the people that cared to bother to respond to this thread? Please. As if I have no friends of my own. I mearly stated a problem in a "General Chat" forum. It doesn't mean that I'm imprisoned here.

We know everything about each other. I just can't get it through my head that we're more than friends. That's the only thing I didn't tell him, until this morning.

> Why am I doing this to him?!
> Attention?
> Is that more like the kind of mean abuse you came here for?

Bite me! This is my first actual thread ever on this forum. Every post that you make don't you want to get the attention of others, or do you want to write your feelings on something just for the topic to fall and die. Please, spare me=/

And for me wanting the abuse. I don't you guys to pamper me because I'm new here and I wanted to lighten the moment. It's the kind of person I am.

I like your name by the way.
Thu 11/08/05 at 23:23
Posts: 23,284
I might have an accident if I see you with a knife.
Thu 11/08/05 at 23:19
Posts: 3,491
munn wrote:
> Make him a tasy sandwich and explain much more clearly as he eats so
> that he can't speak back?

That would be one way of doing it. Alternatively:


...slightly obsessed
Thu 11/08/05 at 23:12
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
I like how this thread has ended up, apart from that ive nothing more to add.
Thu 11/08/05 at 23:06
Posts: 11,038
Memorandum! wrote:
> I suggest you wait until he goes to bed, head to the kitchen and pick
> up the shiniest, sharpest knife you can...then let natural instinct
> do the rest.

Make him a tasy sandwich and explain much more clearly as he eats so that he can't speak back?
Thu 11/08/05 at 22:45
Posts: 23,284
The guy sounds crap
Thu 11/08/05 at 22:44
Posts: 3,491
I suggest you wait until he goes to bed, head to the kitchen and pick up the shiniest, sharpest knife you can...then let natural instinct do the rest.

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