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"My new US PS'TWO'..."

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Sun 24/10/04 at 20:39
Posts: 10,489

Fantastic little belter! Extremely Tiny, everything appears to be pretty much the same aside from it being the latest drive with all the best qualities of the later PS2 model. Extremely quiet to the point where you actually need to put your ear next to it to hear it. When you look at it next to the Xbox it is crazy, the size difference is absolutely huge.

Top stuff!
Fri 29/10/04 at 15:14
Posts: 4,910
Just got my PStwo a couple of hours ago for 99. I like it a lot, it's so quiet I cannot hear it at all, it's so small though, I bet I'll forget it's even there sometimes. GTA is pretty decent too!
Thu 28/10/04 at 19:26
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
The controller is almost as big as the console itself. Still, the picture of it beside the X-Box is quite funny, the X-Box is mammoth in comparison.

I'm picking up one of the new PSTWO's tomorrow, it's all bought and paid for so I just have to go and pick it up, so it'll sit nicely next to my X-Box, like yours.

Thu 28/10/04 at 19:03
Posts: 4,910
I'm hoping Woolies will have an offer on.
Thu 28/10/04 at 15:02
Posts: 13,611
LŠR wrote:
> Definitley worth grabbing one from the states. It isn't the best
> console for games that there has ever been but the console itself is
> pretty faultless, Sony have impressed.

Pity they couldn't find room for four controller ports this time round.

Then it really would be faultless.
Thu 28/10/04 at 08:50
Posts: 14,437
My decision will be made tomorrow. The Manager at Gamestation in Halifax hinted towards a bundle offer with GTA:SA and I might just have to pack up the old chunky PS2 and trade it in for the sexy new one :D

Today I'll hopefully find out for sure if they are offering a deal. If so, I'm sold.

Hang on, that would mean my decision will be made today!

And I'm ordering my DS tonight! \o/ \o/
Thu 28/10/04 at 08:43
Posts: 4,910
I've been quite tempted to pick a pal one up at some point, mainly as a DVD player and for GTA/DMC3/MGS3 etc.
Thu 28/10/04 at 08:36
Posts: 10,489
Definitley worth grabbing one from the states. It isn't the best console for games that there has ever been but the console itself is pretty faultless, Sony have impressed.
Thu 28/10/04 at 08:34
Posts: 15,443
Wow, that's a strong recommendation. Seriously considering it instead of a PSP.
Thu 28/10/04 at 08:28
Posts: 10,489
Yeah, owned pretty much every console along the way, including the Saturn. This is the best of the bunch.
Thu 28/10/04 at 08:25
Posts: 15,443
You never owned the N64 and all those before it then?

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