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"Advertising is the seriously."

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Sat 02/06/01 at 10:49
Posts: 787
In my eyes advertising is what will determine the success and the failure of the 128 bit consoles. Why? I hear you all say well let me explain.

Take the Playstation for example. If you watch T.v what console are you going to see an advert for........the Playstation of course. Now have another think what is the most popular console in the world today....again the Playstation. See the connection. Sony are continuing the trend with them Ps2 adverts going on about some "3rd place".

Ok maybe Nintendo do have one or two adverts a year, but they are mainly for their cartoony brands of game. E.g Pokemon and DK. This just strenghens the childish Nintendo image that they are so desperate to get rid of. Basically they have screwed themselves.

Sega on the other hand. Can you actually ever remember seeing a Dreamcast advert. Nope I didn't think so. Look where it is now. Another example that proves my point.

Basically Sony have already released their console and begun their advertising campaigns and I think Nintendo should follow suit. Possibly a mass advertising campaign a month or two before the Gamecubes release. Just to make sure everyone is aware of the new technology being made available to them. What about Microsoft I hear you say. Well considering the vast amounts of money they have I think you can guarantee huge amounts of advertising coming from them.

The key factor will be though how much they grab you and get you to think about it. Take the Ps2 ads. You dont actually have a clue what is being advertised right until the end when Ps2 is flashed onto the screen. And what exactly does the "3rd place" actually mean. Nintendo and Microsoft shoulf follow this tradition but with something fresh and new.

Any opinions?
Sun 12/08/01 at 19:58
Posts: 15,443
Unless you advertise you die? That only applies to companies, right?
Sun 12/08/01 at 19:48
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
Unless you advertise then you die. If Nintendo are to have any hope of winning the console wars then they must advertise. Microsoft will and they will have success of some sort. But Nintendo and Microsoft both musty make GameCube and X-box the words that spring to mind when you think of gaming. If they can do that then they will succeed. If you mention hand helds then you think Game Boy. And it is the one area in which Nintendo have with out a doubt cornered the market. Game Boy is synonomous with hand helds and it has control of the market which shows that the brand name is what sells something.
Sun 12/08/01 at 19:35
Posts: 23,216
Not mighty, and sorry.
Sun 12/08/01 at 19:32
"MJ:Newbie Hunter!"
Posts: 1,940
Hehe....thanks for that Grix, cut down on the swearing though oh mighty Mr Thraves.

Sun 12/08/01 at 19:30
Posts: 23,216
lol! That's not so crap at all!
Sun 12/08/01 at 19:25
"MJ:Newbie Hunter!"
Posts: 1,940
Well here it is Grix, my first (I think) thread. I don't know why you wanted me too pop it, but here you go.

Thu 07/06/01 at 21:23
"MJ:Newbie Hunter!"
Posts: 1,940
Look you chimp CJ4 ever. You are not Chris Aldred are you as if you are I am going to kick your ar*e at all of your games when I next see you.
Thu 07/06/01 at 19:15
Posts: 0
You are very true it is boring
Wed 06/06/01 at 21:48
"MJ:Newbie Hunter!"
Posts: 1,940
Anyone got a new opinion on my thread. Ok i know it isn't very interesting but it does make some good points.
Tue 05/06/01 at 16:11
"MJ:Newbie Hunter!"
Posts: 1,940
Hmm glad to see that some one has had a proper discussion in one of my threads. NOt with me unfortunately but maybe some other time......

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