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Wed 25/05/05 at 12:43
Posts: 9,629
Im now convinced that Im simply not meant to be happy. Im convinced someone in my family wants me to suffer and wants anyone and anything that loves me to suffer too.

Heartless just simply isnt enough to describe them.
Thu 26/05/05 at 10:37
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009
I know this isn't a funny thread, but Russ did make me laugh with that comment.
Thu 26/05/05 at 10:35
Posts: 6,015
*reads tagline*


Thu 26/05/05 at 07:01
"*Passing Through *"
Posts: 501
I'm very sorry to hear of your loss.
My dog had to be put to sleep two years ago aged 16, that was hard enough.. To lose a much loved pet this way must be heartbreaking.
Wed 25/05/05 at 23:58
Posts: 9,629
Thanks to everyone who has responded today, I wont be bringing any charges against them because I dont want my cat taken away if theyre charged, but Ive already dealt with them in my own way, and probably a way that will hurt her far more than some fine in a court would.
Wed 25/05/05 at 23:52
Posts: 9,629
Paradox: wrote:
> poor lindgren boo hoo, stop being so emo and get a grip on life you
> fool. It's not all sunshine and kittenfarts.

When did you turn into such a dikhead Kyle?

Remind me to laugh in your face when someone takes something from you that you love eh, and to laugh even harder if its violently.
Wed 25/05/05 at 23:52
Posts: 18,487
Lindgren wrote:
> He cant consider what he doesnt know Nick

Yep i know, which is why i didn't say anything else, he almost made me laugh.
Wed 25/05/05 at 23:50
Posts: 9,629
Flock wrote:
> Rai wrote:
> Lindgren, you try going to a school where most people enjoy you
> suffering. That's my life.
> Trying to trump Lindgren in suffering.......
> Oh dear Cweek of all the people

He cant consider what he doesnt know Nick
Wed 25/05/05 at 23:05
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
FinalFantasyFanatic wrote:
> Your dog sucks, margh.

He's not that well trained ... oh, wait.
Wed 25/05/05 at 22:58
Posts: 18,487
I think i'm going mad, sure i just read something that wasn't there.
Wed 25/05/05 at 22:51
Posts: 7,037
What's weird?

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