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"Embarrassing Problem"

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Sun 08/05/05 at 18:37
Posts: 3,491
OK this has to be theeeeeeeeee most embarassing topic I can ever talk to anyone about.

However, I am really concerned so I will risk the embarassment.

Basically I am really failing to understand why my bum area always smells. PLEASE dont make toilet humour jokes, I am a thoroughly hygenic person and in very good health. However, it always seems as if I have pumped constantly or even soiled my pants with faeces.

Neither of the two are actually the case, and it makes me very very nervous. For example, I work in ASDA behind the till and whenever I stand up to go for my break or whatever, the chair will always stink of poo even if I have only been there for a few minutes. And NO, there is absolutely nothing ''up there'' which may be causing the smell. The worst thing is, its a running joke amongst ALL of my work colleagues and they think I cant see them pulling disgusted faces. It does seem to get worse whenever I sit down. I cannot go in a car with ANYONE, and if I get onto a bus I have to sit on my own at the back with the windows open.

It has actually resorted to me visiting the loo every chance I can and spraying perfume onto my bum. Part of me felt it could be a simple case of sweating, however I highly doubt it because I never actually do sweat around that area :' { I bath myself twice a day and always ensure when I am doing a number 2 that I am completely clean ;' {

Now I know you are all probably laughing your heads off, but please understand this is a REAL problem I have and it is driving me insane with anger.
Tue 10/05/05 at 14:16
Posts: 9,808
Can anyone else smell poo? ;-)
Tue 10/05/05 at 13:39
Posts: 8,818
It's not brown and chocolaty by any chance, is it?
Tue 10/05/05 at 13:37
Posts: 21,800
Why do I happen to be eating everytime I look at this thread....

Tue 10/05/05 at 13:33
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
I have a hernia. Yey me!
Tue 10/05/05 at 12:35
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Chad Niga wrote:
> Dr. Chad would take a shot in saying you have a slight rip in your
> anus and i think this is called a hernia. (sp?)

A hernia is an internal organ moving out of it's normal position, but the most common form is an intestine poking through a muscle wall.
Tue 10/05/05 at 12:01
Posts: 21,800
A rip in your anus?

Mon 09/05/05 at 22:27
Posts: 9,995
I'm impressed you were brave enough to come forward with your problem well done!
Mon 09/05/05 at 22:19
Posts: 3,491
cheers Chad you're right!
I contacted the doctor and I'm on some medication.

thanks anyway though.
Mon 09/05/05 at 22:15
"Dr. Chad Niga"
Posts: 4,550
Dr. Chad would take a shot in saying you have a slight rip in your anus and i think this is called a hernia. (sp?)
You can take medication, but running, standing up and down quickly, and bending over may cause it to get worse.

I would see a doctor for a pescription.
Mon 09/05/05 at 22:03
Posts: 9,995
gerrid wrote:
> Mozzy wrote:
> Do what Hoji(sp?) said and use Talcon powder.
> Yeah, it was Ho-jew's idea all right. So anyway, merm, is the
> preparation H doing any good?

Any particular reason for taking the mick?

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