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"A question about good table manners"

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Sat 07/05/05 at 20:43
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Hopefully some of you will be able to settle this dispute.

So, my parents and I are sitting at the table eating dinner, I finish mine and then my mum says that if I want to I can leave the table and wash my plate. I get up to do so but then my dad makes one of those annoying forced coughs.

I say 'What?' and he replies by saying that I have poor table manners. This confused me so I asked why and then he said that I should ask to be excused before leaving. However, I responded by saying that there is no need to ask to be excused if you've already been told you can leave. He says I'm wrong. I ask him to explain why I need to do so and then he simply sighs and says 'Yes, you're right you're always right aren't you?' in an extremely sarcastic tone. I tell him that he's replying like this because he doesn't have a reason and then he just continues being sarcastic, causing me to just leave anyway.

The way I see it, why would anybody be expected to ask to leave the table once they've been already told to do so? It seems ignorant to ask a question that you've just been given the answer to and not only that but I think it makes you come across as a bit retarded. So who's right, me, my parents, or does nobody know? And if I'm wrong, then surely that rule should be changed, it makes no sense.
Mon 09/05/05 at 15:35
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Pandaemonium wrote:
> Not everyone can afford dishwashers either. :D

They can't?
You mean they just have to reuse a dirty plate?
That's disgusting.
Mon 09/05/05 at 15:29
"Lisan al-Gaib"
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Tphi wrote:
> cookie monster wrote:
> Ahahaha, asking to be excused.
> Mirth.
> Exactly. What century do you live in JFH?
> And you have to do your own washing up? Oh dear..

*Shrug* I always ate at the table with my family. It was certainly better (and more sociable) than eating off your lap drooling in a brain dead stupor at the tv.

And Tphi, once mummy and daddy aren't around to hold your hand, you have to do things like washing up / washing clothes / general cleaning yourself. Not everyone can afford dishwashers either. :D
Mon 09/05/05 at 15:21
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Memorandum! wrote:
> what I want to know is why anyone actually cared?
> If I got up and walked away from the table without saying anything
> nobody would give a crap. What's the point in following stupid
> formal rules in your own home?

I agree.

I get up after dinner, shove my plate in teh dishwasher and leave whilst everyone's eating their dinner.

Although usually I'm last to finish.
Sun 08/05/05 at 17:04
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Tphi wrote:
"And you have to do your own washing up? Oh dear.."

Sun 08/05/05 at 16:58
Posts: 5,953
Don't feel bad about saying it, I know it's true. You could help by convincing your parents to adopt me though.
Sun 08/05/05 at 14:55
"That's right!"
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JFH, I'm sorry but your family's weird. There, I said it...
Sun 08/05/05 at 11:00
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JFH wrote:
> My mum brings out some food usually a really odd mix that will taste
> like crap, today for eaxample was pasta, bolognaise sauce, broccolli,
> and carrots.

.. That's a gorgeous mix! Pasta and bolognese sauce with those 2 vegetables is.. classic. Damn. I'm gonna have to go make some for breakfast now.

Oh.. and you're right.
Sun 08/05/05 at 10:47
"Always the winner?"
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Communist Jim wrote:
> You should be greatful that you actually have dinner - think of all
> those starving Iraqis that have to eat bullets and shrapnel.

Why do you need to be a party pooper?

Be grateful that you still exist. Think of all the communists who were once expelled from their countries.

Sat 07/05/05 at 23:07
"period drama"
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Sat 07/05/05 at 23:06
Posts: 7,741
cookie monster wrote:
> Ahahaha, asking to be excused.
> Mirth.

Exactly. What century do you live in JFH?

And you have to do your own washing up? Oh dear..

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