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"GCSE Exam fears..."

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Fri 11/03/05 at 22:38
"Prefers Tesis"
Posts: 673
Who else is worried about their exams? Well, I guess that's pretty much every 15/16 year old around. Anyhoo, how are you all coping with the pressure? Revising whenever you can or taking it easy?

I know I'm smart enought to pass the ones that I want. Maths is a dead loss though ;0

Its just this annoying fear of failure crap!
Thu 17/03/05 at 00:10
"Bow to me!"
Posts: 1,080
Breeder wrote:
> Wow! I wasn't being sarcastic at all when I said it was hard!

I wasnt being sarcastic when I said it was easy to be honest. Although the part about concrete...
Wed 16/03/05 at 17:42
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
I didn't think so!
Wed 16/03/05 at 17:41
Posts: 3,491
Marcini wrote:
> Business Studies isnt hard. I got an A and didnt find it to be any
> harder than concrete.

Wow! I wasn't being sarcastic at all when I said it was hard!
Tue 15/03/05 at 23:56
"Bow to me!"
Posts: 1,080
I heard of this lesson... Religios Studies... It wasnt till a few weeks later that I realised the class is a hoax there no such thing... surely?
Tue 15/03/05 at 23:47
Posts: 252
I got an A in Business without attending half of the classes. It was a walk in the park. Now Ceramics, thats an A-Level to be proud of.
Tue 15/03/05 at 23:21
"Bow to me!"
Posts: 1,080
Business Studies isnt hard. I got an A and didnt find it to be any harder than concrete.
Tue 15/03/05 at 22:35
Posts: 3,491
oops: English Lit, Computer Studies, History and the hardest A-level ever, Business Studies!
Tue 15/03/05 at 22:34
Posts: 3,491
Mav wrote:
> You're doing FOUR A Levels?

yes, it's quite common these days.
Tue 15/03/05 at 22:01
"the burning sky"
Posts: 4,984
I'm doing four as well, but two of them are maths, so technically its 3 'subjects'. Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computing.

I'm hardcore!
Tue 15/03/05 at 21:55
Posts: 13,611
You're doing FOUR A Levels?

Which ones are you taking?

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