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"2004 for Gamecube"

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Mon 20/12/04 at 20:05
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
Has anyone else felt a little let down by this years releases. Last year we had huge games such as Zelda, Metroid Prime and F-Zero GX but there has been nothing that has really got me excited this year. I don't even want to commit to the new Metroid game yet because the last one was such a challenge. Nintendo has been totally outdone in the new releases department this year, what with huge releases for the PS2 such as GTA San Andreas and Burnout 3. And lets not forget the XBOX with Halo 2. Nintendo needs to get its act together and release something for people over the age of 7 if it wishes to stay up there with Sony and Microsoft.
Wed 22/12/04 at 22:38
Posts: 18,185
I disagree tilt... I think YOU'VE just changed in gaming. The only difference between the Gamecube and the N64 is the loss of RARE and increased third party support.

FF and MGS may not be true Nintendo games but the back end of the year was great. Pikmin 2 and Paper Mario 2 are stand out games not only for the year but on the system as a whole! As was Natsume's superb Harvest Moon. Next year I'm looking at Geist, Starfox 2, Mario Tennis, Zelda and Resident Evil 4 as possibly 5 of the most interesting titles on any release schedule.
Wed 22/12/04 at 22:16
Posts: 16,558
Macintosh wrote:
> Or are Nintendo fans allowed to get away with it?

This comment is just like it :P
Wed 22/12/04 at 22:15
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
Scope wrote:
> Oh shut up this isn't Man Utd fans vs Arsenal fans.

Who said it was.
Wed 22/12/04 at 21:54
Posts: 16,558
Oh shut up this isn't Man Utd fans vs Arsenal fans.
Wed 22/12/04 at 21:04
"and PC user"
Posts: 350
Some one might be banned, if we dont stick to the subject.

Or are Nintendo fans allowed to get away with it?
Wed 22/12/04 at 19:29
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
Tiltawhirl wrote:
> Chr1s wrote:
> What are you all on about. Stick to the subject please.
> Shut up.....please
I started the damn thread so do not tell me to shut up. If you wanna talk about some other crap then find another thread.
Wed 22/12/04 at 18:39
Posts: 7,741
Domaye wrote:
> Paper mario 2...Didnt play the original it fun?

Yes, very. And even more so if you're a big Nintendo fan.
Wed 22/12/04 at 18:36
Posts: 21,800
Dringo wrote:
> Gamecube's year has actually been rather solid and as expected.

Sales wise maybe, I don't check them.

But games wise the Cube has been pretty much dead for the first 9 months of the year. Unless you count Final Fantasy and Metal gear, which were really nothing special at all. Even the final part of the year I see nothing that I personally would get too excited about other than Pikmin 2.

Cube's been nothing but a dissapointment for me. After the brilliance of the N64, Nintendo have really messed up in my opinion. Only games that I've really enjoyed and I felt have captured the Nintendo magic have been Pikmin, Smash Bros Melee, Zelda : Wind Waker, Pikmin and Eternal Darkness. The rest of the games I could have easily lived without.

I say roll on revolution and hopefully a return to form from Nintendo. Other than Zelda and Mario 128, I don't see any first party Cube releases being worth my time.
Wed 22/12/04 at 18:30
Posts: 1,204
Paper mario 2...Didnt play the original it fun?
Wed 22/12/04 at 18:30
Posts: 21,800
Chr1s wrote:
> What are you all on about. Stick to the subject please.

Shut up.....please

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