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"I have a relationship problem...:("

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Sat 14/08/04 at 18:57
"They Call Her 1 Eye"
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Well as many of you know by now I'm your resident gay member and I have been having some relationship problems as of late. In fact it's been scheisse. I have been going out with my PERFECT boyfriend for the past 3 months (on the 16th on this month) and it's been amazing being with him. However on Wednesday I made a big mistake.

My ex called Chris new guy is very protective of me around him as Chris has tried while we're going out, to err get at me. So I said to Mark look if you're that bothered about Chris, I'll never see him again. He's my past and you're my future. Mark declined though and said "No he's been a good friend to you for near enough 3 years now I don't want to be the reason you stop seeing him.

I just left it at that after and me and Mark continued our great relationship. We had plans to move in with each other in Mid-october, we both gave up uni for it and he's working his ass of working anti-social ours to get the initial money until I start saving from a part time job i plan to get on Tuesday.

He only gets Wednesdays off from this job and we planned to spend everyone together. Just being's all I ever want. However on his first wednesday off I made the biggest mistake of my life.

I spent a great day as always with him and I decided to end the night by taking him to an Edinburgh gay bar (habanas) as he hadn't seen any of Edinburgh's. When we were there we started drinking and having a good time when my ex-Chris came in. I told Mark who he was and said to Mark "Don't worry I wont come back for a drink with him".

After a couple of hours Mark had to go home. I wanted to spend as much time as I could with him so I convinced him to stay for a while longer and get the late train home. Eventually he had to go though so I walked him to the train station, hugged him, kissed him, told him how much I loved him and said goodbye. Seconds later Chris phoned and said "Why don't you come back for one drink? There's a pineapple bacardi waiting for you" I said no but then he said "For god's sake! You've got to have a life outside Mark you know" I reconsidered and joined him for one drink, two if you count the bottle of volvic I bought for the walk home.

While I was there though Mark phoned my mobile. I said "Hey babe, sorry I'm at Haban...." and he hung up on me. I thought he was just a bit annoyed at me for going back for a drink but I still felt like crap that I'd caused the one man I truely love to feel like that so I walked home and couldn't get to sleep. I tried phoning and texting him but he answered and replied to nothing. It just made me feel worse and worse and I knew he must be angry about something else too.

I got up the next day and the first thing I checked was my phone to see if he got back to me and he hadn't so I went on MSN were he explained all. I promised him I would never see Chris again if that's what he wanted a while ago he was upset that I went back to see him after Habanas. I was sure Mark said he didn't want me to stop seeing Chris so I didn't give it much thought but now I know I should have kept that promise regardless and I am keeping it now.

Mark says he lost his trust in me that night and now we don't have a hurt me so so much to see him say that. It was terrible.

I felt so bad for hurting him and I didn't know what to do. However, he did talk to me again. In fact I met Mark again yesterday. He phoned me at 1:00am after work and after talking for an hour-hour and a half he asked if I wanted to come and see him. I always said I was just a phonecall away and I went to see him a few hours later (got there at 12 noon). At first it was hard but I knew it would be. We talked about it at the start and decided just to put it behind us and try and get back what we had (we're not breaking up!!! YES!) I was so relieved when I heard that and it made me so so happy to be given the chance to make him happy again.

He say's it's going to be hard and I can understand why it will be but I'm sure we'll work through it. I can't afford us not to, I made a mistake and although I can't change it. We all learn from our mistakes and take something from it, I took the lesson that I can never ever do anything to jeapordise our relationship again. I love him far far too much to ever lose him.

I'm sure when he saw me he must have been able to see how much I was hurting, how truely sorry I was and there must have been some part of him that saw that I'd learnt my lesson, even if it was the hard way.

The only problem now is earning his trust again. It's going to be so so hard, I have to earn his trust again and he has to learn to trust again. All I want though is our relationship as it was. Perfect, just like him.

He works 8 till 8 Sat and Sun after a 6 till midnight work shift on Friday. I've never spent so long not talking to him before and considering the circumstances I'm sure you can understand how much I miss him and want to talk to him. I want to be with him so much. Earlier on I couldn't really take it. It felt so bad just wanting to phone him but knowing he was at work. I needed a distraction and I turned to something I never have before.

I decided to self harm, not properly really. I didn't drag a stanley knife across my skin. I was smoking at the time and I stubbed it out on my wrist. The pain of the burn took away some of the mental pain but now I realise it was just a distraction and now I have to cover the burn scar. I'm not sure if I regret it because it made me feel better for a few moments but I just don't know what to do. It's so frustrating knowing you'd do anything for someone, knowing they could trust you and that you'd die for them and them not to trust you back. I just love him so much and want him to love me like he did before. I just feel so bad right now.

I don't know what you're all going to make of this post and I don't know what kind of responses I'm wanting but I just wanted to talk to some people about it. Thanks for your time.
Wed 01/09/04 at 19:58
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Plenty of your mates maybe, but his SO profile shows that he wouldn't have been 16 until November, 2 months into the Uni courses.
So he's extracting urine.
Wed 01/09/04 at 19:55
"Which one's pink?"
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munn wrote:
> To Uni?
> He'd have only been 15 at the end of 4th year.

Not necessarily.
Plenty of my mates were 16 by then.
Wed 01/09/04 at 19:53
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Maybe he means to give up even going there to begin with, and stay behind whatever
Wed 01/09/04 at 19:52
Posts: 11,038
Also, I wouldhave thought that was college, a mate of mine went to college to be a chef as our school doesn't teach anything like it, but I've never heard of anyone going into uni from 4th year, especially seeing as 99% of the time they want people to have B's at Higher to take their courses.
Wed 01/09/04 at 19:50
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To Uni?
He'd have only been 15 at the end of 4th year. You're not allowed to leave school until you're 16.
Wed 01/09/04 at 19:48
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
You can go early if you leave school in 4th year.

A lass I know is trying that to go into sports coaching.
Wed 01/09/04 at 19:47
Posts: 11,038
Cub!st wrote:
> I just left it at that after and me and Mark continued our great
> relationship. We had plans to move in with each other in Mid-october,
> we both gave up uni for it and he's working his ass of working
> anti-social ours to get the initial money until I start saving from a
> part time job i plan to get on Tuesday.

Hang on, I jsut looked at your Special Observe Profile, you're not 17 until November, how can you give up Uni if you've never been?
Sat 28/08/04 at 01:03
"tokyo police club"
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You dirty breeding scum.
Fri 27/08/04 at 23:47
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Can't belive I missed this.

"Breeders" Sorry but how the hell can you find this offensive? I'm almost crying with laughing so hard at the retardedness of this thread.

By the by, does anyone else have a mental image of a Morlok when the see the word "Breeder"?

No? Just me then....
Fri 27/08/04 at 22:03
Posts: 11,038
Ashman wrote:
> Why do I feel like it would have been better if you hadn't replied to
> that?

Because earlier I said I hated gays.
That's why.

But I did say maybe I complain.
Always a loophole for me to crawl through there is.

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