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"Weddings - A Big Waste of Cash?"

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Mon 21/06/04 at 10:55
"Orbiting Uranus"
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A subject that is close to my heart and my purse at the moment. I'm not asking for any advice from anyone. I will be getting married, and it will end up costing somewhere between 5 and 8 grand for that one day.

Obviously I'm being frugal. From different sources I've found average wedding price stated as anywhere from 12,000 to 18,000. I'm hoping to be around 6,000. But still, when else would you spend that much money on celebrating one day? and is it worth it? I'm interested in being a married woman, not in having a huge party where everything is calculated to impress wealthier relatives and friends. I've suggested having a small wedding with My Mum and Dad and Grandma, and The Ogre's Mum, Dad, Grandie and Sister, but nothing doing, the Ogre keeps saying oh but we have to invite [insert random relative/friend/stranger]. My Mum and Dad keep saying oh but we have to invite [insert random parent's friends I've never met].

but my mind just boggles at the amount of money we will be spending. If the wedding lasted for 10 hours, that's 600 an hour. That's 10 a minute. Thats stupid money. I could buy a CD for every minute for 10 hours for that money. I could buy a car, or have 10% deposit (for this area) on a very nice house.

Still I have the final laugh, spoilt brat (and only child) that I am, my parents are paying for it.
Thu 24/06/04 at 15:42
"Wanking Mong"
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Mr Snuggly wrote:

> You only get one wedding

Heh. Hark at Mr Optimist...
Wed 23/06/04 at 17:46
"Vodka Queen"
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I can totally understand about wedding costs. I'm getting married this September. However luckily I'm getting married in the Caribbean. Therefore everything is organised for you right down to flowers and such. Then all you really need is a party when you get back. Well thats what we're doing and our is only costing 3000 for the wedding and honeymoon. Then my parents are sorting out the reception/party when we get back
Tue 22/06/04 at 22:16
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
I hate to think how much our wedding cost. Too long ago to remember now, though even the photographer was pretty expensive. I can certainly believe those figures.

But, is it worth it? Well, of course, as long as you don't let other people run it completely and you get some say in it all.
Tue 22/06/04 at 22:13
"Light of the world"
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there payin for it!?

well, good for ya!

O and cut down on costs do ya own food - caterers are crap.
Tue 22/06/04 at 19:48
"77k - muahahahah"
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That's gotta be bull.
Tue 22/06/04 at 18:38
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I had a T-Shirt with it on too ;)
Tue 22/06/04 at 18:31
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Mystique wrote:
> "It's all about giving"

Tue 22/06/04 at 18:28
Posts: 32
Mystique wrote:
> the sagacious one wrote:
> Send money to: The sagacious one world for us all foundation
> *****
> That sounds like a really nice charity to give to, but I make
> donations to The Head Foundation.
> "It's all about giving"

*spews coffee* What's your address???
Tue 22/06/04 at 18:14
Posts: 18,775
the sagacious one wrote:
> Send money to: The sagacious one world for us all foundation
That sounds like a really nice charity to give to, but I make donations to The Head Foundation.

"It's all about giving"
Tue 22/06/04 at 17:13
Posts: 20,776
Mr Snuggly wrote:
> I work to make money, and I make money to enjoy myself. What's the
> point of working your whole life if you can't spend money on things
> that matter to you? What would you rather do - die with a large bank
> account, or with a head full of wonderful memories?
> You only get one wedding, so you might as well make it one to
> remember. Worry about the consequences later.

Suddenly I think that pink name colouring suits you, snuggly .... :P

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