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"*Pot Noodle*"

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Wed 24/03/04 at 15:42
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I havenít really being the biggest fan of Pot Noodles since day one.
But the recent Seedy Sanchez Pot Noodle advert with the guitar playing Mexicans has been on so much i decided to buy my self a pot priced 79 pence.

Following the instructions on the back, I poured boiling water to the fill level, stirred it, left it, stirred it, added a bit more water, stirred it...

Then it said add the spicy salsa sauce.... I didnít want to jump the gun just yet, so I tried it without the sauce. Umm, this is good.

*10 seconds later*

Arrrrgh! I ran to the kitchen and drank a whole 500ml carton of milk! My nose began to run; my eyes were streaming, and I broke into a big sweat! It was like exercise, and flu in one carton.

Foolishly I continued spooning the elastic-band-in-sauce into my mouth.
10 minutes later, the tub was empty, and my mouth was burning. I drank a lot of milk, and a ice cold bottle of tap water also known as Dasini!

Itís a good job I didnít add the salsa sauce, god only knows what would of happened.

This pot noodle was a tasty snack, and was much better than all the other pot noodle's Iíve ever tasted. As it stands I would give it 8 out of 10 Which brings me to my next point....

As with everything, what goes in the mouth must come out the other end. Letís hope my hot, spicy experience earlier isnít repeated later on, either throwing up spicy rubber bands, or extricating Lava out the other end.

Sorry if Iíve being graphic, but I hope that I have given you Guys & Gals a insight to the new pot noodle. My advice would NOT to add the sauce!

I'll give you all an after effect score later on. But as it stands its 8 out of 10
79p and buy some milk for 19p thatís my tip!
Or spend £2 and buy a bottle of deodorizing body spray, and a pack of tissues, as well as the pot noodles and carton of milk for the symptoms mentioned above in bold italic!

Needless to say, in a week the crazy scientists will prove that this pot noodle will give you cancer.

Thank you,
:D iscodexy!
Tue 30/03/04 at 22:58
"The Red Shift"
Posts: 6,807
DiscoDexy wrote:
> Needless to say, in a week the crazy scientists will prove that this
> pot noodle will give you cancer.

i believe they've proved that dasani gives you cancer
Tue 30/03/04 at 22:55
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Tue 30/03/04 at 22:55
"+34 Intellect"
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My soup looks like chicken, but tastes a little different.
Tue 30/03/04 at 22:53
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yeah, I want to make my own, then I can put all sorts of great stuff in it. and use fresh veg, rather than the dried up or soggy stuff you normally get.

Tue 30/03/04 at 22:52
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
I make my own soup.

The quanities are small but the quality is beyond dispute.
Tue 30/03/04 at 22:50
Posts: 1,625
For soup you need special "chicken stock" or "beef stock"
You have to make this yourself, some how (its not easy)
Or you can buy it from the shops (not very nice)

nice soup 49p can ;)
Tue 30/03/04 at 22:06
Posts: 20,776
"What's 'Soup de Jour'?"
"That's the soup of the day"
"Mmmm, that sounds good, I'll have that"
Tue 30/03/04 at 22:05
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
ŖoraÜ ßagdiyeV wrote:
> I can do great things with some water, some meat and two veg.

Gah, i bet you say that to all the lads.
Tue 30/03/04 at 22:00
Posts: 20,776
I might start making my own soup. I ha ... I mean, my mum has a Jamie Oliver Cookbook and a Delia Smith one.

I can do great things with some water, some meat and two veg.
Tue 30/03/04 at 19:43
"leaf it aaaaht"
Posts: 7,914
I prefer the Chicken and Mushroom ones, Chicken and Mushroom all the way dude!!

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