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"GTA San Andreas"

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Thu 31/03/05 at 11:41
"Steady, Go!"
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I Have completed the game 94.5% and was starting to get bored. I heard that if you flew south-east from the island for about 20 real minutes that more gang territory became available to take over in San Fierro and Las Venturas-DON'T DO THIS! The extra territory came, but some was in the desert so no gang members are there to start a gang war! The territory in San Fierro is also there, but gang members hardly ever turn up. Is there a cheat to take over land, if not, can anyone suggest what I Should do?!

P.S. It's the PS2 edition.
Sat 28/05/05 at 12:30
"The definitive tag"
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I don't recall ever seeing that...
Sat 28/05/05 at 11:46
Posts: 18,487
Chr1s wrote:
> Not to my knowledge, but if there was...*shakes fist*

Am i only the only one who saw it, get a new vehicle for that mission and as you start to drive off a message comes up in the top corner telling you to push the up button, do it and it takes you straight there.
Sat 28/05/05 at 11:34
"Pwned. =)"
Posts: 169
My suggestion is you just keep waiting around for gang members to turn up.. otherwise call a gta hotline or something.. *shrugs*
Sat 28/05/05 at 10:35
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
Not to my knowledge, but if there was...*shakes fist*
Sat 28/05/05 at 03:05
Posts: 18,487
Chr1s wrote:
> The size of San Andreas does bother me a bit, but not because it's
> hard to remember it. I was able to familiarise myself with it very
> quickly. It bothers me because there was a hell of a lot of trecking
> to do. Some missions required you to travel across quite a large
> portion of the map. Once you start having to repeat missions, it can
> become intensely frustrating to have to drive for five minutes only
> to fail again.

Wasn't there like a shortcut button, i'm certain there was one on the Combine Harvester mission.
Fri 27/05/05 at 19:56
"The definitive tag"
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I'm considering buying it again for the PC so I can experience it properly, that is of course if they make any improvements to it.

I'm also very intrigued by the idea of an extra radio station to put your own mp3's onto.
Fri 27/05/05 at 18:31
"Retarded List"
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Chr1s wrote:
> ...and the most glitchy.

I'm hoping that the Xbox version will sort that out.
Wed 18/05/05 at 20:50
"The definitive tag"
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The only people who you can recruit for your gang are the existing members of "The Orange Grove Families", at least I think that's what they're called. They're the ones who hang around CJ's house and the surrounding couple of blocks. They all wear green.

Once they're dead they're dead, but you can just go back and recruit a new member with minimal effort. There is also a limit to how many you can have in a gang. It will increase as your respect level increases but once your respect level's topped out then so will the limit for gang members.
Wed 18/05/05 at 19:51
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But can you still choose anyone to join your gang ? And do they respawn at a key location as the Gang Members did in Vice City or do they die permanently ?

GTA : San Andreas still looks sumptuous even after the blows reigned dow onto it. I'll be lavishing my attention on it for months
Wed 18/05/05 at 15:12
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
Lord Funk wrote:
> The create a Gang feature interests me most, can you actually speak
> to someone of your choosing and recruit them ? or does it work in the
> Vice City way where you're designated a gang as you take over a
> Mansion ?

As far as I can remember, the only thing you can do with a gang member once you have recruited him is to tell him to come with you or to stay put where he is. It's not very good really.

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