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"Now then. Just a quick one for you."

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Fri 22/04/05 at 08:11
"Eff, you see, kay?"
Posts: 14,156
Hi guys. How're you doing? Long time no see.

Let me just say, I'be bought a PSP. It's the best $400 I've ever spent. Really nice all round. Good graphics. Polished. Couple of gripes, the analog stick's crap and there are no pressure sensitive buttons.

WipEout Pure's really playable on digital though.

You all need to get one. Even you, Dringo.

Edit: PS. Can I win gameaday plz. thx.
Sat 14/05/05 at 23:54
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Turbonutter wrote:
> Edit: PS. Can I win gameaday plz. thx.

Subtle. Very subtle.
Wed 27/04/05 at 14:36
Posts: 15,443
Just been told that everything's been sent off, should get it all within a few days , notwithstanding any delays.

Unless I'll be charged custom fees on delivery, the final costs would be 360 for the PSP, 5 games, 1GB mem stick, hardcase and powerpack. Much better value than waiting for the Uk launch.
Tue 26/04/05 at 09:23
Posts: 14,437
Turbonutter wrote:
> I might do. What's wrong with Import Madness? I'm new to the import
> game, but I think I'll try stay with

Import Madness are apalling for Customer Service, but lately they've been great for getting me my goods, quickly and minus Customs charges.

The last time I used Lik-Sang, I was sent a belated tax bill from DHL for 10. I tend not to buy from them anymore - even moreso because their prices aren't competitive enough. I'd rather buy from Canada, just my preference though, mind. are also excellent for avoiding Customs Charges.
Mon 25/04/05 at 22:47
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Ahhh, I remember the crap controller argument.

You cared too much I seem to remember.....
Mon 25/04/05 at 21:14
Posts: 5,848
For me the PSP looks a little expensive at around 200. How much are the games and is it worth the investment ?
Sat 23/04/05 at 14:03
"Fishing For Reddies"
Posts: 4,986
Eject. Next topic. Haha.
Sat 23/04/05 at 01:58
"Eff, you see, kay?"
Posts: 14,156
Grix Thraves wrote:
> Eric
> Is
> Bananaman!
> Why'd you post in here Robeth?

Because I have a cool new toy that Nintendo tried to compete with.

I knew you'd all be interested.
Fri 22/04/05 at 15:21
Posts: 15,443
Oh TBN, watch you don't get the Jap version - OK, so there's not much of a difference, but you may want a US one.
Fri 22/04/05 at 15:19
Posts: 15,443
To show off how stinking rich he is, that's why.

Got my memory stick (though it's more card shaped, really) from the US for 80 inc. P&P.
Fri 22/04/05 at 14:27
Posts: 23,216

Why'd you post in here Robeth?

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