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Thu 05/05/05 at 09:31
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Quit my third one this morning on Dragonmaw. My advice, join a guild where the majority of people speak English as their first langauge. I spent 2 hours of utter frustration with a German gnome last night. *Shudder*

It also helps if the leader isn't a megalomaniac Swede with delusions of grandeur,

"Make Stormwind your home" - "Erm, I've loads of quests in Duskwood, why make stormwind my home just so I have to travel to an from to log off / get back?"

"Group with them" - "I dont have time" - "Group with them"
"Help level up" - "I'm in the middle of a quest" - "HELP THEM!"

and flooding the chat with inane comments
"I have 28 honour kills"
"I had 3 this morning but now I have 28"

Wow. I'm supposed to fawn over that?

It's only just happened recently, but when the game turns into a chore and you're getting irritated by something easily fixed. Just quit.

Rant over.
Sat 07/05/05 at 22:13
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
Most of the time it takes a couple of guilds acting together to beat onyxia and the molten core. Only the OmG H4rdc0r3 guilds have the numbers and commitment to keep it within their own guild.
Sat 07/05/05 at 14:10
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Ouch, sounds like it'll be fun.

I'm level 41, Human Priest, on Dragonmaw, like most of us.
Fri 06/05/05 at 21:36
"[SE] Acetrooper"
Posts: 2,527
Oh yeah, and my friend created his own Guild called Xplicit, and although there are 6 characters, there are only 3 actual people, we're all real life friends you see, we don't want anyone else in until we finally reach 60 and gain the right to explore such instances as Molten Core, Dire Maul, etc. The kind of end-game material that require an entire 40-player raid to kill the insanely difficult bosses.

I've seen videos of a few of the final bosses. I say final, but no one has yet to see the 'final' boss. The raids that take part are actually huge Guilds that consists of at least 40 members, who are all lvl 60. And according to them, getting to the final boss of a particular area takes about two days worth of attempts.

Bring on level 60.
Fri 06/05/05 at 21:30
"[SE] Acetrooper"
Posts: 2,527
Well what do you know, I give a thought to visiting the ol' SR forums again for the 1st time in donkeys' years, only to find out everyone is also as addicted and besotted with WoW as I am.

I'm a level 44 Night Elf Warrior on the Runetotem Server (PvE), and i've never played a better game. The only reason I'm alliance is because my friend who bought the game first and pulled me away from FFXI online, is a Human (Female) Mage, and naturally we wanted the ability to communicate with each other. If I didn't have any friends on WoW, reckon i'd be of the Undead race, no idea what class though.

Anyone else on Runetotem? And who's the highest level on the forums? :)
Fri 06/05/05 at 13:11
Posts: 23,284
I have to agree, I didn't know what to do yesterday.

All my quests are in Stranglethorn but I just get butchered. I can't be bothered starting again though.
Fri 06/05/05 at 11:48
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Scarlet Monastery

I also got a lot of Uldaman quests, only been once and got some nice trousers.
Fri 06/05/05 at 11:45
Posts: 14,437
What instance is that?

Clearly out of my range right now, but still.
Fri 06/05/05 at 11:41
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Ironforge is full of people who do nothing but trade all day long.

I know, I'm level 41, and horse-less :(

I'm starting to get powerful though, which is both a good and very bad thing.

Great loot in that instance, plus I got about 30k XP, mostly unrested, from it. And abut 2g in just plain money loot.
Fri 06/05/05 at 11:38
Posts: 23,216
Out of everything Ironforge annoys me the most. So, busy, all the time! Then I just stand around and wonder where the hell to go like yesterday.

You've overtaken me now! I'll come on Dragonmaw when it's back up, try and sort out what I need to do next, like that new instance you've seem to done about 10 times :)
Fri 06/05/05 at 11:25
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
I must admit, a few incidents aside, I've not been too annoyed recently.

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