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"Order a t-shirt!"

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Tue 04/11/03 at 01:27
Posts: 23,216
T-shirts are being printed, and are now available for order.

They are -very- high quality, and postage/packaging I'll try and keep to a minimum.

Fill in the form if you wanna order any, but seriously, there is a limited amount, so first come, first served etc.

There are links from the main site too. Including a wonderful banner ad I made. :)
Thu 27/11/03 at 17:05
Posts: 9,631
I never checked*
Thu 27/11/03 at 17:03
Posts: 9,631
Iver checked... Usuaully i expect a reply within the first five months of ordering :D

But there it is.
Thu 27/11/03 at 16:21
Posts: 23,216
Well did you get a reply today?
Thu 27/11/03 at 15:49
Posts: 9,631
I sent an order thing in ages ago... That's about as far as i got.
Thu 27/11/03 at 15:26
Posts: 23,216
Talkie Toaster wrote:
> grix could you tell me how much postage and packageing costs for 3
> t-shirts to bristol would be
> cheers
> TT

I'm going to assume you're the person who's ordered three t-shirts and then given someone else's e-mail address, possibly your girlfriends, who denies ordering any.

If you could email [email protected] with YOUR email address, it'd be most helpful, ta.

Everyone else, I've sent out emails to all orders I've received, so if you haven't got anything yet, moan in here or email me.
Fri 07/11/03 at 12:04
Posts: 21,800
I think my mates would disown me if I wore one of those...infact I think I'd disown me.
Fri 07/11/03 at 07:55
"A square watermelon"
Posts: 1,890
Half a pound of tupunny rice...
Thu 06/11/03 at 03:55
Posts: 23,216
Thu 06/11/03 at 01:42
"smile, it's free"
Posts: 6,460
Ah, that'd be where I've seen them then. And yes, it's unmistakably Darren's work.

Especially the Sheep T-shirt.
Thu 06/11/03 at 01:37
"Psytrance junkie"
Posts: 4,114
HálloHowArtThou wrote:
> Any chance of having one without ''
> plastered all over it?
> :-)

Sure, for an extra £1 I'd imagine we could supply you with a black marker pen too =P They're designed to promote the site, and in turn that means the music festival, tshirts and Grix's projects as well.

So, tough ;)

All the designs were originally drawn by Darren in paint, and were uploaded to his diary. He pasted links to galleries of them before, and there were far more than are available as t-shirts, but they're all his work. Well, so he tells me anyway.. =)

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