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"I need a new CD...recommendations please?"

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Fri 24/10/03 at 19:11
"Party Hard"
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I need a new CD, but I'm totally stuck for choice, so I'd like a couple of recommendations.

I'm into mostly rock stuff (e.g. The Darkness, Foo fighters), I also like Ska and that lot.

The only real thing i don't like is mental screaming stuff like Fear factory or Slipknot, e.g. I want to tell what they are singing.

Any ideas?

Mon 27/10/03 at 12:37
"Hellfire Stoker"
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Metallica's first 5 albums. Enough said.
Mon 27/10/03 at 11:23
"Peace Respect Punk"
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Million Dead - A song to Ruin
Winnebago Deal - Plato O Plomo

2 albums to restore faith in modern rock.
Sun 26/10/03 at 21:58
"gsybe you!"
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Cheers. I shall look into them.
Sun 26/10/03 at 21:57
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"It only took a day" and "The canyon behind her" from the second album are good tracks.

Sorry for the late reply, I left here last night when it mucked up, haven't been on today until now.
Sun 26/10/03 at 21:43
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Cyclone wrote:
> I'm just downloading 'All-out', does sound a bit staccato/grunge-ish,
> but his voice doesn't seem all that roary, as of yet.

Afraid I've never even heard of that song - it isn't on either of the two albums or the previous EP they did. Which means one of these things:

1) It isn't Dredg

2) It is Dredg, but been mislabelled

3) It's a song from the new album (not likely, it's miles off yet and there's literally zero information about it anywhere).

> Name some bands that they are similar too, and I might be
> interested.......

They're often described as a cross between Pink Floyd and Tool, which is weird because that's exactly how I described them to someone before I'd heard that description.

Songs you might want to look into: symbol song (plus "movement 1" which follows straight on), yatahaze, lechium, and from the second album same ol' road, woah is me, and...others I can't remember. If you go to the discography section of their official site it'll give you tracklistings for the albums. It's not that easy to remember titles of good songs because the second album is more of a stream of consciousness idea, the theme is sleep paralysis. They're concept albums really, although they work as stand alone material as well.

Also, Amazon have a few thirty second clips if that's your thing.
Sun 26/10/03 at 21:20
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I'll recommend you The Stone Roses by the Stone Roses.

It'll probably be a lot softer than you're used to, the producer gave it a sixties sound, but that's part of it's charm.

Great music and also the peak of the band that inspired the entire mid-nineties Britpop (Liam Gallagher based his image on the Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown) only the music was a lot better.

Sun 26/10/03 at 19:57
"period drama"
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I got Athlete the other week.
Mucho recomendedo.
Sun 26/10/03 at 08:14
"Party Hard"
Posts: 1,202
Wow. Thanks for the help people.

Oh, and Handy Man, I have the InMe album and it does, indeed, rock like hell. Probably the third best CD I have.

Ta once again.
Sat 25/10/03 at 23:40
Posts: 5,848


The Beatles - No.1's
The Rolling Stones - Fourty Licks
Bob Marley - Three Lions
Led Zeppelin - Two
Leonard Cohen - Suzanne
Neil Young - After the Gold Rush
Neil Young - Harvest
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - By the way
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Can't stop (single)

Heavy Metal:

Guns N Roses - *Basically any one*
Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast
*Compilation* - Kerrang 2
*Compilation* - Kerrang 3
Eminescence - *Basically any one*
In Me - *Can't remember the name*
Rage against the machine - Battle for Los Angeles
Rage aginst the machine - Self Title
System of a Down - Self Title
Sat 25/10/03 at 23:31
Posts: 5,848

Led Zeppelin - One
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffitti
Led Zeppelin - Volume 2
The Offspring - Conspiracy of one
The Offspring - Americana
Nirvana - Nevermind
Nirvana - The best of
Blink 182 - The Rock show (single)
Tenacious D - *Basically any one*
Muse - *Basically any one*

Heavy Metal:

The Darkness - Permisssion to land
Iron Maiden - Dance of Death
Iron Maiden - Seventh son of a seventh son
Metallica - St.Anger
System of a down - Toxicity
System of a down - Steal this album


Eminem - Without me (single)
Eminem - The Eminem show
Jameriqua(mispelt)- *Basically any one*

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