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"I'm going paintballing"

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Sat 11/10/03 at 01:10
"Oi you- sort it out"
Posts: 2,969
Oh yes. Paintballing is one of the things i've always wanted to try, and next saturday, I'll going all rambo and popping a few caps in yo A$$, punk. Well, not yours, but...y'know.

So, anyone got any cool, funny stories or tips to do with paintballing? Anyone else ever done it?

A friend of mine organised it, around 30 of us are going from school to escaramouch or something.

I knew all the Ghost Recon I played would come in handy some day. I'm excited.
Sat 18/10/03 at 21:34
"Oi you- sort it out"
Posts: 2,969
Well, I got back earlier today from paintballing and had such a great time. I'd recommend it to anyone in an instant.

The various games all went with varying degrees of sucess, some I did well in, others not so much. In one "Attack the other teams base" game I was doing great, I'd smoked about 5 opposing team members, was moving up continusly without being wreakless, and was close to thier base. Only around 5 people were left in total and time was running out, and as I made a dash for it some punk flanked me and put 2 paintballs in me, one in the forearm and one in the foot. The foot shot really hurt, my trainer gave no protection at the toes.

I also did well in the Defend game, again remaining as the last few players and I took a handfull out, only when I moved position a guy I was sure I'd hit shot me right in the head and chest. The headshot hurt, it was an exposed part near the forehead.

The CTF games I found really difficult because of the layout of the terrain, no-where was safe as you could get shot from loads of angles, I covered the flag area in both games and shot the runners for it, but my supposidly anti fog goggles were giving me bother . My team won both CTF games though

I could go on for ages telling you about it, but I'll just say its something I'm deffinitly going to go back to and something i'd love to do weekly as a hobby. If you get the chance don't hesitate to give it a go.
Wed 15/10/03 at 00:15
"Oi you- sort it out"
Posts: 2,969
Well i'm saying it was a *joke*. :P
Tue 14/10/03 at 23:50
"Mi/\\/dfrig Naked"
Posts: 1,456
no im saying hes telling lies!
Tue 14/10/03 at 23:43
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
Lawri wrote:
> Mantis wrote:
> as the laides call it, "Godzilla". :P
> lies

Shouldn't that be ...


... ?
Tue 14/10/03 at 23:42
"Mi/\\/dfrig Naked"
Posts: 1,456
Mantis wrote:
> as the laides call it, "Godzilla". :P

Tue 14/10/03 at 23:40
"Oi you- sort it out"
Posts: 2,969
Great stuff guys, all this talk has me fully punmped up to go. People in school were talking of bringing a cup, so I think I will to protect, as the laides call it, "Godzilla". :P

I've been to a few websites which scream "Newbies don't shoot own team members" and stuff, it all sounds pretty cool. There a 12 games scenarios you can do were i'm going, the best is ment to be supaball and escort or something. And I know from the website that the place i'm going to has non fog masks. Excellent.

I'll let you know how I get on when I come back. Bad thing is, I have Gaelic (don't ask) training the day before- i'm gonna be wreaked before I even get there.
Sun 12/10/03 at 21:31
Posts: 10,364
PJ and Duncan.
Sun 12/10/03 at 20:39
Posts: 9,494
I went once with my little cousins.
Felt dumb cos i was like twice everyones height there and i had to pose as 16 to get in to the group with people i knew but it was good, much less lethal than i thought as well.

I shot one guy like 7 times cos he kept on firing back even though hed run out of paintballs.

And at Campaign, if u went there youll know about this, in one level i hid in the bus but then I realised the bus was in the level next to it and I had to sneak back into the other one and all the opposition people were occupying the ground right near the border of the levels so I was boned.
Sun 12/10/03 at 12:58
"Chavez, just hush.."
Posts: 11,080
Wilson wrote:
> Mission : Paintball

I ~think~ that was filmed at Campaign.
Sun 12/10/03 at 01:35
Posts: 11,038
I was gonna dress up as El Robin, but that'd scare TOO many people.


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