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"To "Generation Terrorist""

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Thu 04/09/03 at 19:35
"Infantalised Forums"
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Cram your "nobody understands me" noise up your ass.

Simple fact:
You have broken the data protection act.
You have access to my personal details, not sent to you - meant for somebody else.

This isn't Goatboy threatening to damage you - let me explain what this is:

Did you see "A glimpse into Goatboy's life" thread? See that pic with me sitting on the chair next to that girl? My ex that I'm off to see tonight?
Well guess what she does what for a living?
Thaaaaat's right, she's a DC for the London Metropolitan Police.
And that chap that was playing the guitar with a fag in his mouth?
Well guess where he works? And guess what dept he runs?
Computer Fraud.
And thanks to your comment in the other thread:
"Stryke wrote:
> Have you looked at Goaty's details?
> Turbonutter says:
> No.
> Turbonutter says:
> I have seen them, but I have no care for them"

You have just admitted reading personal and private information.
You've cost Special Reserve potential business by helping to create confusion and uncertainty as to how secure their information is - to the extent that Loki & Snuggly have had to reassure, continually, that their servers are secure.

But that's not what's made me furious.
You hacked into another person's email account.
You have admitted to witnessing personal details of someone that was not addressing them to you.
I hope you had fun kid, because one of two things *is* going to happen.

1) Your parents will recieve a call from The Metropolitan Police concerning their son breaking several laws in regards to the privacy of information transmitted.
2) Your parents are going to recieve a visit. From me.

Your actions on a computer have bearing on people in the outside world.
As you will discover. This isn't you "showing people a lesson".
This is you, if over 16, liable for prosecution.
Or, if under 16, liable to your parents being told all about your little tricks.

I take my privacy extremely seriously.
But not as seriously as The British Legal System does.

I would appreciate it, please, if people could refrain from spamming in this thread or making jokes.
I'm *really* not horsing around.
Thank you.
Fri 05/09/03 at 09:27
Posts: 8,818
..Then more fool you.

Er I mean ok ;)
Fri 05/09/03 at 09:24
Posts: 16,548
Ah, right. Sorry. But don't call me fool, or I'll have to insist I'm better than you too.
Fri 05/09/03 at 09:22
Posts: 8,818 what I said initially before commenting.

I didn't say you lied at all, if infact I totally beleive you myself.

What a fool you are.
Fri 05/09/03 at 08:12
Posts: 16,548
Absolu† Neó wrote:
> "Stryke said he said he did it - now go arrest this man"


What a peon you are. Why the hell would I lie? I feel sorry for the guy, but I still think it's wrong what he did. I'll testify in court or whatever if Goaty wants me to.
Fri 05/09/03 at 07:23
Posts: 11,597
Ant wrote:
> Heh. This place has changed. {:)

For the better? I think not...
Thu 04/09/03 at 23:48
Posts: 16,558
Your god.. the gooner.
Thu 04/09/03 at 23:47
Posts: 8,818
Yeh, I mean who the hell are you?

Thu 04/09/03 at 23:46
Posts: 16,558
What the heck IS GOING ON?! i can't read 14 pages on the other thread and 4 on here!
Doesnt matter though ! Cos something good has come of it..
Thu 04/09/03 at 23:39
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
Oh, I've missed the last 3 Notable elections too
Thu 04/09/03 at 23:38
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
Hmm, I seem to be missing everything nowadays.

• I missed Kyz being banned both times
• I missed the Server Ghost thingy
• I missed Shaneo being banned again
• I missed the whole "hacking" thing

Hmm, I suppose that's what comes from
• Getting bored with the forums
• Hanging around in Wed Design, Music and Life when I *AM* here


I • Like • That • Key •

Ants right, this place has changed.

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