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Mon 01/09/03 at 11:35
Posts: 14,117
Virgin Express in my town had a 5 DVD's for 30 offer thing on, and I found four that I wanted, so I had a hunt round and found Dogma - hadn't seen it before, but took a risk and got it.

Watched it Friday afternoon, thought it was great! Alan Rickman made me laugh loads, and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were no way near as bad as I thought they'd be.

Wish I'd watched it earlier, and will be on the look out for more Kevin Smith films.
Wed 03/09/03 at 14:43
"Jags is teh l33t"
Posts: 4,074
Yup, along with his facial expression and the sound effects make it hilarious!
Wed 03/09/03 at 14:41
"everyone says it"
Posts: 14,738
Stryke wrote:
> "This is the pulse. And this is finger, far from the pulse,
> jammed straight up your ass. Say..would you like a chocolate covered
> pretzel?"

That did indeed rule.
Wed 03/09/03 at 11:53
Posts: 16,548
See? Brodie wins over Randall. All Randall does is watch Clash of the Titans and complain.

Brodie also has one of the best scenes in JSBSB.

"This isn't a library! Hold it like you'd hold a woman."

"Yeah, but then they made She's All That, and everything went to hell."

"You gonna go bandit, Reynolds style?"

"This is the pulse. And this is finger, far from the pulse, jammed straight up your ass. Say..would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?"
Tue 02/09/03 at 23:32
Posts: 6,592
"Jesus CHRIST Gill, there's just some things you don't talk about in public."

Brodie Bruce, you're my hero.

"I'd hate to tell you what I think about when I'm in the bathroom."
Tue 02/09/03 at 21:22
"no longer El Blokey"
Posts: 4,471
But does he knock over a casket? Granted, unintentionally, but still...

Although Brodie comes close ("it was her grandma" "no wonder she went down so fast") Randal is hilarious in just about every line he says. Or Randall. I dunno how many ls should be there.
Tue 02/09/03 at 21:10
"everyone says it"
Posts: 14,738
El Blokey wrote:
> Randall so beats Brodie.

No no. Broadie wins because he randomly hits the magazine outta that sex-study chicks hand.
Tue 02/09/03 at 17:42
Posts: 16,548
We can discuss this in a civilised manner. Chocolate covered pretzel?
Tue 02/09/03 at 17:14
"no longer El Blokey"
Posts: 4,471
Randall so beats Brodie.
Tue 02/09/03 at 15:59
Posts: 16,548
Best character? Nah, that's Brodie Bruce from Mallrats.

"My cousin Walter got a cat stuck up his ass. True story."


"I would have made a sexy chick."
Tue 02/09/03 at 15:53
"no longer El Blokey"
Posts: 4,471
That is one of the funniest bits of dialogue in all the films Stryke, but Clerks last? It's the smartest, the one with easily the best character (here, comes, Randal; he's, a, ber, ser, ker) and the best gags (broke his neck? that's not embarassing...)

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