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"HELP! I think I just gave myself food poisoning!! :'("

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Thu 17/07/03 at 16:05
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HELP! I think I just gave myself food poisoning. I decided that despite the nasty weather I'd make summery BBQ style kebabs. I cut up the chicken, red onions and mushrooms and skewered it all together to make about 15 kebabs. I covered them in a sticky BBQ sauce marinade thing and put them on the grill. Unfortunately I don't think I cooked the chicken all the way through. The bits where cooked on the surface but not on the inside. At first I thought it was just juicy chicken due to the sauce but after about 5 kebabs I realised that on the inside it was pink!:S! I finished the last 10 kebabs but only ate the veg no chicken. No I feel really sick and think I'm going to throw up. I've been drinking lots of water and had to paracetamol but still amn't feeling too great. Does anyone know how I can A) Determine whether I have food poisoning or not without i) inducing vommitting or ii) wait until I vomit anyway and B) Try and make myself feel better without having more drugs...MY TUMMY HURTS!!! :'(
Mon 21/07/03 at 00:28
"Oi you- sort it out"
Posts: 2,969
I sympathasie with you Cubist, I think I had food poisonsing too.

At my BBQ with mates recently, I noticed the chicken I was eating wasn't fully cooked. I stopped eating it obviously, but the next day I didn't feel good. On the second day my stomach was getting intense pains and I had to keep running to the toilet. I threw up a few times and felt lousy and had a sore head.

Its been a few days since and i'm still not 100%. I had food poisoning before on a holiday to france before, and boy, I was ill. I threw up ALL DAY and felt like crap. It kinda ruined the holiday for me as it was the day I went to Eurodisny(no joke). I didn't go on any rides- I just sat in the First Aid room and threw up.
Sun 20/07/03 at 08:49
Posts: 33,481
Buy COOKED chicken next time. Or "nuke it" for a couple of minutes in the microwave before hand.
Sun 20/07/03 at 08:45
Posts: 33,481
MoJoJoJo wrote:
> rediculous

He's a commie?! Oy Memo! We got ourselves a commie here boy!

*loads shotgun*
Fri 18/07/03 at 15:16
Posts: 482
Kiriyama wrote:
> Hardly. I have an IQ in the high mid-100 mark but I know sod all about
> cooking. And that doesn't make me stupid. It just makes me ignorant to
> cooking. So ner :P

Ha. I am also a victim of my above-average intelligence level.

I have next-to-no common sense. I once tried to boil peas in a saucepan with no water (despite having a Food Technology GCSE at grade A!)
Fri 18/07/03 at 13:17
"Sex On Wheels"
Posts: 3,526
Lol right Blank...
Fri 18/07/03 at 12:38
Posts: 11,024
Well as long as you used a big spoon....
Fri 18/07/03 at 10:56
"Sex On Wheels"
Posts: 3,526
Yes ducky...I was really careful in the preparation though :D I even used different knives for the veg and chicken the stick them in the dish washer and used a BIG spoon to cover everything in sauce before putting the bits all on Kebab sticks. I was being quite hygenic just wasn't very patient in the cooking prossess
Fri 18/07/03 at 10:51
"I confused?"
Posts: 2,440
Not cooking food properly is very dangerous. Meat and chicken are very dangerous. At worst it could be E-coli but the chances are quite small. As a a chef in training i suggest next time that you cook chicken kebabs you cover them with the source afterwards. So you can tell if the chicken is cooked.

To ensure chicken is cooked it has the meat has to be above 75 degrees for all the germs to be killed (63o degrees is when the germs and all dead but it better to be safe than sorry). I suggest to you rest your gut and when you do next go out shopping buy your self a temperture probe so you can test next time.
Fri 18/07/03 at 10:45
"Sex On Wheels"
Posts: 3,526
Just thought that I'd let you all know that I survived the night with out being sick! :D I still feel a tiny bit quezy but I think that will go in a we while. I survived! **rejoices in the streets throwing sugar, spice and everything nice around the place**
Fri 18/07/03 at 08:12
"I am Riki Takeuchi!"
Posts: 2,988
This topic is hardly intelligent or about life - it belongs in the FOG Chat thread. Take it there now or we hijack the topic :D

Or we could let it sink :)

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