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This thread has been linked to the game 'RuneScape'.
Wed 15/04/09 at 14:19
Posts: 28
Hi! This a forum where you can get share little tips, quest walkthroughs or routes with each other!(no glitches, bugs)
I have a sneaky route to get into Al Kharid for free without completing 'Prince Ali Rescue'. Go near Rat Burgiss and walk east then south if the compass is pointing upwards. If you have got the directions right you should see a women handing out fliers. Keep going south(near the fencing because you don't want the scorpions getting you) and while you are in there you should eventually come across the back of the toll gate and you will be in there for free!
I have just got one question, can somebody please help me with finding a mining spot which has clay in it?
Fri 08/01/10 at 11:39
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
Went on this just before (first time in 3 years!) I'm currently in that secret cave where you get the brass key, mining coal and mithril. Level 56 mining ;P
Thu 07/01/10 at 20:53
Posts: 9,995
95 fishing. I don't play around.

Thu 07/01/10 at 17:38
Posts: 28
Hi Everybody,
So glad I came back to this thread and LOADS of people replied! Thanks to all! I have got a few things I would like to say:
1.Posting cheats on this thread is no longer allowed!
I will now post cheats in the Runescape PC Cheats Section!
2. How is everybody getting on? Have any of you done the Christmas Warble quest yet? I have posted the guide in the Runescape PC Cheats Section.
Bye folks! Keep posting new messages here! :):):):):):):):):):):)
Sun 16/08/09 at 10:41
Posts: 28
Other fun games:
Club Penguin
World of Warcraft
Sun 21/06/09 at 14:41
"PS2 Gamer."
Posts: 31
Runescape, the good ol' days lol. I've had numerous accounts on there have quit now because I can't get hold of membership and my internet connection is quite slow too.
Mon 08/06/09 at 22:25
Posts: 1
how long have u played to be lvl 37. because i have played for 1 year and i am lvl 70 with all the non mem quests done.and i was wondering if u could tell me ur runescape name. also i was wondering if u new anyother games that r really fun on the pc. because on my grandparents internet connection wont load runescape. cya =) -_- 8)
Tue 02/06/09 at 17:07
Posts: 86
have u seen the new updates? the normal play ones r ok but i h8 the new soul wars 1 i cant get any zeal anymore coz it kicks me out near the end!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh does any1 go to soul wars and is any1 a member?
Tue 02/06/09 at 17:05
Posts: 86
if u have a question u can ask me and ill try my best 2 answer it
Tue 02/06/09 at 17:04
Posts: 86
i can help with alot of things on runescape as i was once addicted 2 it
Tue 02/06/09 at 17:00
Posts: 86
i can also help u with that

go outside varrock south gate and go the opposite way to the dark wizards there is 1 there

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