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"How to become a UK Game Designer?"

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Thu 21/07/05 at 22:49
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Hi I am Eseer and I want to be a game designer.

(Relates to Sony PS1-2-3 by.... umm if you want to design a PS3 game one day?)

I have rougth but not so sure ideas of how to become a game designer while living in the United Kingdom.

1- Create a Computer game at home and take it to a company.


Do a
ICT Foundation Course (1 year)

and then a

ICT Intermediate Courses (1 Year)

to get the grades to do a

BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners Course.(2 Years) (software)

After passing with good grades apply at a University for a

Game Design Course.(3 Years)

After you come out of this course you should be ready to be employed.

Please reply if you agree, disagree or know of a diffrent way.

By Eseer
Mon 19/09/05 at 13:06
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This is an advert for level designers on the website of Rackstar North (GTA people).

Level Designers

We're looking for creative individuals to design & script game missions and gameplay scenarios Familiarity and use of scripting languages would therefore be beneficial. You will have good communication, technical & problem solving skills and be an avid games player with a good understanding of a wide variety of genres.

A scripting language would be defined as an embeddable high level language. So, you'd be looking at Lua and Python for this, and Java if you can show experience in using the Java Native Interface (JNI).
Sun 18/09/05 at 15:54
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He didn't know what it takes to become a games designer, that's why he was asking.
Sun 18/09/05 at 14:44
"Da num.01 rapper"
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Eseer Yonnos Sllim are you sure this is all we need to become a uk game designer?
Sun 18/09/05 at 14:22
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Lua, Python or Java......
Sun 18/09/05 at 03:52
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My college course (now in london)
has me doing

and Pascow programing languages.

Are they any good or what programming language do you reccomend to learn as a part time course?
Wed 14/09/05 at 00:38
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Probably as it's still in use, I've never used it or heard of it being used in the games industry though.

You'd be better starting with C++ or Java and learning about object-oriented software practices.
Tue 13/09/05 at 23:55
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Yo again.

Is Delphi a good programming language?
Fri 09/09/05 at 18:31
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Of course, I saw their vacancy FROM my uni, doesn't mean they're based there. D'oh, the mind is so tricksies.
Fri 09/09/05 at 18:15
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Two offices in Cambridge and London according to their website.

I'm sure from what I remember they program in Cambridge and deal with customer accounts etc. in London.
Fri 09/09/05 at 18:13
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Aren't they based in Manchester? They were in my shortlist for work placements, you see.

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