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"The Whole Sex Thing"

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Sat 19/04/03 at 20:55
Posts: 787
I'm not going to describe the build-up to this post. That would be boasting - and anyway, I'm not sure quite how I feel just yet.

The question I wanted to ask:
Does it ever stop being special?
Does it ever become mundane and routine?
Does it, once you know what you're doing, become any less sublime?

Sensible replys please.
Wed 07/05/03 at 15:59
"Darth Vader 3442321"
Posts: 4,031
Wed 07/05/03 at 15:31
"Orbiting Uranus"
Posts: 5,665
Oh dear, I laughed so much I think I may have wet myself.
Wed 07/05/03 at 15:12
"Darth Vader 3442321"
Posts: 4,031
Yeah but eating is like sex.

It's late at night. You and your ladyclam want THAT bacon sandwich so much that it hurts. So you caress the meat into the pan, when you've first taken the time to turn it on (the stove) and get it really hot. Once the juices are truly flowing you toss the meat gently into some baps and then realise after some gentle mastication, that you can't really be bothered, so you decide to make a pancake for yourself instead and knock one out quickly, beating the whisk with furious anger until you're done.

Anyway my point is this: everything is temporal and therefore you always have something that can be enjoyed over and over again; though this does not apply to any episode of the Bill.

Wed 07/05/03 at 14:41
Posts: 33,481
I'd say people spend to much trying to get it and miss out on a lot of other stuff. It's good but not the ultimate expression of everything. More like a cosmic joke, cos once you've done it you want to do it again. y'see the feeling doesn't last that long afterwards, so you gotta do it again, its natures little joke. its all about the run up to the event rather than the culmination.

make sense?
Tue 06/05/03 at 12:33
"Darth Vader 3442321"
Posts: 4,031
You no forget me? You ok!
Tue 06/05/03 at 12:28
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
Ba donk a donk donk
Tue 06/05/03 at 12:26
"Darth Vader 3442321"
Posts: 4,031
But what a butt.
Tue 06/05/03 at 12:21
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
The sagacious one wrote:
> Ladyboys are lovely looking women butt.



He wanted to kiss a man
Tue 06/05/03 at 12:18
"Darth Vader 3442321"
Posts: 4,031
One of my possee had an incident with a gender non-specific. He was inches away from making a carnal er cardinal error before he came to his senses.

Ladyboys are lovely looking women but.
Tue 06/05/03 at 12:12
"Orbiting Uranus"
Posts: 5,665
Did you bring me back a ladyboy?

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