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"TNA Thread"

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Fri 06/10/06 at 21:10
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Chat about TNA
Wed 20/06/07 at 17:23
"Forum Tweener"
Posts: 1,076
In other news; there was a match that lasted THIRTY minutes recorded for Impact last night. I'll let you go read spoilers to find out the details. Shocking booking tactic considering the main event of Slammiversary, which featured the five top acts in the company and only went twenty minutes. HUH?
Maybe this is the beginning of a turnaround for the Russo/Mantel regime?(I doubt it)
Wed 20/06/07 at 17:02
"Forum Tweener"
Posts: 1,076
The Torch is reporting that both Konnan and Ron Killings quit TNA before the Impact tapings last night. It looks like they actually walked out as opposed to being granted their release.

Whatever about K-Kwik(heh), Konnan is a huge loss; LAX would have never gotten over if it weren't for his amazing, passion filled promos.
Obviously, if LAX are going to continue, they need a new mouth piece to refer to the other team as "you two hos" and finish with "to live and die in LAX". I can see a swerve angle being worked with Guerrero turning heel and joining them, or else Homicide can be given the mic time, he's more than capable.
Whatever way they handle it, and whoever replaces Konnan, LAX will never be the same.
Sun 20/05/07 at 12:53
Posts: 5,135
Sabu's old and rubbish now.
Sat 19/05/07 at 22:43
"Forum Tweener"
Posts: 1,076
The overbooking, or "cluster-booking" as I like to call it is what hurts TNA the most. Trying to fit as much as they do on PPV and especially Impact just ends up making everything seem less important. There's no context and therefore no point.

As regards the roster, you could take the bottom half of their talent and book a better product than they are currently doing.
Sat 19/05/07 at 15:57
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
TNA have a good roster, it's just over-loaded and the decent wrestlers get lost in the shuffle. Reminds me a little bit of the old WCW roster
Sat 19/05/07 at 15:28
Posts: 5,659
Yep, because Sabu could have a number of good feuds in TNA, and he probably fits into what they're doing at the moment, in the fact there's usually a bit of violence in the matches.

And because TNA need a better roster. They like taking on WWE rejects and I don't thik they'd have any problems with re-signing him.
Sat 19/05/07 at 13:35
"Forum Tweener"
Posts: 1,076
Is there a heavy TNA schedule? Do you think TNA will be so eager to resign Sabu after he picked up and left as soon as Vince came calling?
Fri 18/05/07 at 23:09
Posts: 5,659
RVD got early release so i'm guessing in 90 days time he'll be off to TNA on a light schedule. Sabu will have pen to paper the day that clause runs out.
Fri 18/05/07 at 23:02
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
Biggie Little Jr. wrote:
> Aren't those clauses for 80 days?

here is another hair... split that one too.

and no, it`s usually 90 days on a standard WWE release, although it depends on the contract.
Fri 18/05/07 at 12:05
Posts: 5,659
Aren't those clauses for 80 days?

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