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"GBA Should-Haves"

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Wed 17/08/05 at 19:42
Posts: 8,220
I've been waiting for ages for GBA games to start coming down in price. Maybe one of these days it'll happen, now that DS has been released into the wild.

What should I be looking for? (I hardly have any so far)

I'm thinking:

Sword of Mana
FF 1+2
Maybe Golden Sun

Anything else?
Mon 22/08/05 at 14:57
Posts: 18,185
Mario and Luigi is superb... if you're after some quick handheld games (as in pick up and play games) I recommend strongly Mario Vs. Donkey Kong and Wario Ware (Twisted is out in a month or so).

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga is very very good... not as great as Paper Mario 2, but very good in a similar way.

Super Mario World is also a must!

Oh and Pokemon... get Emerald now that is out.

I imagine the SP will drop in price when the Micro is released.
Mon 22/08/05 at 01:40
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
I always liked the look of Need For Speed Underground for the GBA, but I could only find it for something ridiculous like 25.

I seriously doubt it'll be any good, but I just want a racer.
Mon 22/08/05 at 01:03
Posts: 8,220
I also have my eye on World Series Poker :^D
Sun 21/08/05 at 21:20
"Shizzel happens"
Posts: 199
both fire emblem games, astro boy and riviera: the promised land is worth a look too, but u need to import it.
Sun 21/08/05 at 00:00
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Make someday today.
It rocks.
Sat 20/08/05 at 23:36
"Divine Davine"
Posts: 799
Oh yeah, Mario and Luigi. I really must buy that someday....
Sat 20/08/05 at 23:34
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Mario and Luigi, Advance Wars, Wario Ware, Zelda, Yoshi's Island.
There's 5 belters for you.
Thu 18/08/05 at 22:30
Posts: 10,009
Mario Kart for sure! Even if you finish it which is unlikely you'll go back for more again and again and again. The best think about GBA games is they usually contain the original SNES game if they're based on them you just have to play then to a finish if you want to unlock the original SNES game. Mario Kart, Mario World, Zelda you get 2 for the price of 1!
Thu 18/08/05 at 10:31
Posts: 7,741
Chipseh wrote:
> Golden Sun 1 + 2 are the best "true" RPG's for the system.

Indeed, they are awesomeness.

When the hell is WarioWare Twisted coming out?
Thu 18/08/05 at 05:08
Posts: 8,220
Cheers dudes.

I guess I'll start with Zeldas and Golden Suns, leave Mana and FF, and then pick up some others.

So Sword of Mana definitely sucks? I heard good things about Secret Of...

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