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Fri 24/01/03 at 12:24
Posts: 787
Now, I'm not even going to pretend that I know a great deal about this party, who recently took their fifth seat after a recount. But reading a little on the BBC, I come across this:

"Among the BNP's policies are "resettlement" of black and Asian people to their lands of ethnic origin."

Now, what sort of sick individual a) bases a political party on that sort of facist agenda and b) actually goes out and votes for the sick fools?

Surely people who vote for such a party are immediately racist, and the entire towns harbouring such individuals should be shut off and sifted through like gutter scum.

I just can't believe this.
Sun 26/01/03 at 17:16
Posts: 23,218
Your Honour wrote:
> just perhaps, people voted for them because they are fed
> up with the amount of "asylum seekers" that are admitted to
> this country, and appear to be given everything for free.

Thats what needs to be sorted out before people start voting on a wide scale for racist organisations. This is the only way to stop the amount of illegtal immigrants coming into the country.
Sat 25/01/03 at 16:35
Posts: 2,929
SHEEPY wrote:
> A lot of problems in society are down to the Thatcher years in power
> It's all her fault and the f.cking idiots that kept voting them in your calling the majority of the population idiots? may have a point...

By the way, some of you were trying to rank the UK as a nation, well I believe we are the 4th richest nation on the planet, though the way Germany is going we may be 3rd.

As for the NHS, when it was started up over 50 years ago it was a simple service for a smaller population. Now, with new technologies and operations such as the prolifaration of organ transplants its just so much more expensive.

As for immigration, I think it is very true that by mass acceptances we are heading for disarster. Even if its a result of people voting for BNP because of perceptions rather than reality.

And no one will ever have the best morals. You can't say mine are better than yours so to speak because morals constantly change from society to culture and over time.

Thats all to say on a matter I have little information about. Goodbye.
Fri 24/01/03 at 22:44
"Gamertag Star Fury"
Posts: 2,710
Ah yes, the Herrenvolk.....

When I was on about the religion it wasn't a dig at anybody, just pointing it out kinda thing :)

The Nazi's we're, and those who still believe still are, screwed up insecure, as close as you can get to "evil" people. I just finished reading the Berlin - The Downfall 1945 by Antony Beevor. Anyone who even considers, or is, being a Nazi should be made to read it. Essentially, and this is v.basic summary;

tThe Germans had comitted so many atrocities against Russia, and had made the Russians out as monsters, so that when Russian force pushed into Germany it all backfired on them, at the same time the Russian command had made the Germans - all of them - out to be evil, that the Russian forces proceeded to murder, rape, loot and so on their way through the German civlians, and kill most german military they came across. When it came to the final assault on Berlin, the orders we're to flatten everyone and everything between the Russians and the Reichstag, which proceeded to happen. Nazism should have died right there, but it's lived on...some of us never payed attenntion in history class...

Fri 24/01/03 at 22:24
"She's a dog!"
Posts: 1,223
i know but the Nazis believed that thw world was once controlled by super beings and that they were fair skinned with blue eyes and blonde hair.
Fri 24/01/03 at 22:20
"Gamertag Star Fury"
Posts: 2,710
There is no such thing as an English person, it's a social/cultural construct designed to exclude others and unite others, a way of controlling and gaining power, and of denying it.

The original religion of England was never christianity either :)

Fri 24/01/03 at 22:17
"She's a dog!"
Posts: 1,223
I havent read the other posts so i apologise if its already been posted.

The BNP get there votes by saying they will get rid of asylum seekers. They say they will get rid of the non-english.
BUT, a realy big but (Lisa Riley style) they do not say what a non-english person is. That way, people get tricked into voting for them. They use the same tactics as the Nazis.
A non-English person could be anyone who isnt fair skinned and christian.
Fri 24/01/03 at 19:24
"Luck from Heaven"
Posts: 1,279
the resettlements are voluntary
Fri 24/01/03 at 19:14
Posts: 18,775
Wookiee wrote:
No doubt I'll now get a barrage of abuse and lectures on how ignorant, closed-minded and downright wrong I am, but hey - I'm not looking to make any friends, I'm just giving an opinion
Not from me. I agree with you 90%
(I left the other 10% because I went bozz eyed near to the end and thought I couldn't agree with something I couldn't see :)

Wookiee for president of the world.
Fri 24/01/03 at 18:19
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
Maybe people wouldn't get so uptight about immgration/asylum if The Powers That Be would actually listen occasionally, or at least use some common sense.

There was a story recently (can't remember exact details, unfortunately)where a local authority had a long queue of (I think) asylum seekers standing outside a building while their credentials/claims were checked.

Apparently some of these people were feeling the cold a bit. So the authorities hired 12 coaches to sit outside the building with their engines ticking over, for 12 hours a day, to keep these people warm. The cost was reportedly over 4000 per day.

Fair enough - you can't let them freeze, can you?

But this, in a country where old people die every year (many of whom fought to keep this country free and "a nice place to come to"), because they can't afford heating bills etc., and where people already 'living' here sleep on the streets night after night, is a joke. And yes, I know many of those have in various ways put themselves in that situation, but there are also many who haven't.

Then there are people like the 70-odd year old woman who was on the news earlier, told that she'll have to wait a year for a hip replacement operation, when specialists in France have said that she's a serious case, and should have the op within weeks. While in the meantime, we hear on the news how asylum seekers are to get free private health care.

Well forgive me, but I want that lady to have her new hip - God knows at over 70 she's paid in enough NHI for it over the years. Sorry, but I'd rather she got her new hip than an asylum seeker gets free private health care. If that makes me a racist/fascist pig, then I'll go buy my Swastika armband tomorrow and wear it with pride!

In the face of war with Iraq and the continuing 'war on terrorism', how people from these nations still pour into the country on a daily basis? Don't even bother lecturing me on how "they're not all terrorists", because I KNOW they're not. But the FACT is that some of them ARE, and our governments only know the ringleaders of the terrorist organisations - they could never know every person, and posing as an asylum seeker is currently an easy way to get into the UK.

We already have one known fanatic living here who the government are doing precious little about, but how many others are there whose faces we don't know? You can call people paranoid fools, but to deny it and say there are none makes you ignorant on an equal scale.

I'm not saying it will happen, but if and when war with Iraq breaks out and suddenly a series of Bali-esque bombs start going off in London and around the UK, it'll be us - the general public - dying as a result the government's stupidity.

I don't generally have a problem with "Johnny Foreigner" at all, though believe me I have some very good reasons why I could. No, my problem is with the successive governments who have dragged the UK down to something rapidly approaching third-world status, with their c***-eyed views and priorities, and often complete lack of common sense.

I'm 31 now, and I have never voted. People say things like "if you don't vote, then you forfeit your right to have an opinion". B******t. I don't vote because, in my opinion, no single party has the best interests of me and my country at heart - I would probably vote UKIP, as they're closest to my way of thinking - but as there has been no candidate in my area, I haven't been able to anyway. And as much as any nation can/should help others, you HAVE to put you and yours first - because if YOU go down, who will help them then? And who will help YOU?

My feeling is that the people who vote BNP aren't necessarily racist at all. Perhaps they just feel similarly to me, and are making a statment - that the main parties seem to have the interests of everyone but the British at heart, and simply aren't listening.

Am I an idiot for thinking that? I don't believe I am. I'm not a weak-minded fool who's swayed by reports in The Sun, and I'm not some air-headed bigot who hates anyone who isn't white and English. I've formed my own opinions over the years.

You only have to look at the Iraq situation, and the state of education and the NHS (among many other things) to know that the government doesn't listen to public opinion.

No doubt I'll now get a barrage of abuse and lectures on how ignorant, closed-minded and downright wrong I am, but hey - I'm not looking to make any friends, I'm just giving an opinion.

There is a problem with racism in the UK at the moment, but not in the way that most people think. There are a small number who enjoy violence and look down on other races, but despite the widely reported stories, they are still a minority group.

The real problem is that the PC and Human Rights brigade have led us to an overly-paranoid and overly-protective environment where anyone who says anything remotely anti-foreign is immediately labelled a racist, even if there are genuine reasons and causes for concern.

There's a comedy show on BBC2 where blacks tell jokes about whites and asians, and asians tell jokes about whites and and blacks. But Jim Davidson is a racist. Go figure!

Young white English/British males are seemingly guilty of being racist until they prove otherwise. It's like the medieval witch-hunts all over again.


Some news stories to show why I feel the way I do... /0,,30100-12229549,00.html

Sorry, but those patients have worked and paid for this service all their lives. This is just WRONG on so many levels.


IB says, "If you think it's such a problem, go private. It's not like it's massively expensive. In fact, it isn't at all." /0,,15410-1059073,00.html

Free private health care for asylum seekers. No doubt eventually resulting in higher payments for those who choose to pay for private care. However you look at it, whether you go NHS or private, you've been paying for it one way or another.

-- /0,,30800-12229246,00.html /0,,15410-1027004,00.html

When we have people sleeping on the streets, who get no help unless they first help themselves.


Events such as the Yarls Wood fire/riots and this (in Australia): /0,,15410-10307025,00.html

That's the thanks you get for trying to help.

-- /0,,15410-1028316,00.html

Again, the question arises: if all they want is to live free and unopressed, why do so many pass through numerous countries equally as free and democratic as the UK?

These stories and others all show - to me, at least - that:

(a) a lot of the problems aren't directly due to those entering the country, but more because the government, as with others before it, has its priorities wrong.

(b) despite claims to the contrary, the sheer numbers can and do have a negative effect on those already here (i.e. "the British", be they white, black, brown, yellow or pink with purple spots), with - in many cases - "the British" being the ones treated like they don't belong here.

(c) *some* of these asylum seekers (by no means all of them) are nothing but trouble, and really shouldn't be allowed in, for genuine reasons.
Fri 24/01/03 at 16:17
"Big Pimpin'"
Posts: 664
I don't know why no one has found out who sits on these seats out of the BNP party members and batters them when they come out of parliment...people like them make me sick

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