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Wed 21/09/05 at 21:05
Posts: 2,287
I dont have an Xbox but I know a few of you in here are getting Burnout Revenge so I just wanted to know what you think of it (obviously you haven't got it yet, but some of you will get it tommorow/Friday).

Getting some money on the weekend and im thinking about getting this for me PS2.
Mon 26/09/05 at 18:06
Posts: 33,481
47% through with around 10 hours of play and I've reached level 9 for my revenge rating.

Got bored of completing each number as much as possible so I jumped from 4 to 8 and started unlocking much better cars for the online modes.
Mon 26/09/05 at 12:28
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
If you haven't got it - grab yourself GR: Summit Strike. ;-) Been having some fun on the co-op missions lately. :-)
Mon 26/09/05 at 12:24
Posts: 14,117
Will be getting this then sometime this week.

I'll take it straight online as soon as I'm up and running. Live kit arrived over the weekend so I'm nearly there...
Sun 25/09/05 at 11:41
Posts: 21,800
Burnout Revenge 4 teh w1n!

There's so little lag, even I can host a full game with no problems at all.

Oh and it's a ton of fun.
Sun 25/09/05 at 01:12
Posts: 33,481
The online is sublime.

Absolutely buries number 3.
Sat 24/09/05 at 18:05
Posts: 2,287
What do you think? Any good?

I was supposed to rent it yesterday but my crappy rental place didn't even have the game.

Tried it online yet? Let us know what it's like.
Sat 24/09/05 at 17:13
Posts: 33,481
36% in, lvl 8 with a played time of just over 5 hours
Fri 23/09/05 at 21:36
Posts: 21,800
You're right, I gave in earlier and went down to Choices and picked up a copy.

Just downloading some CD's to my Xbox and then I'm gonna give it a play.
Fri 23/09/05 at 20:54
Posts: 4,910
Tiltawhirl wrote:
> Urrrrrrrrrrr
> You b'sterds are making me want the game now and Asda's only a minute
> up the road....

Like me you will fail...g/f convinced me..she was begging me to get I did..I get my reward later though :D Going to play it NUS discount so only cost me 26.99 from Virgin w00t.
Fri 23/09/05 at 20:07
Posts: 20,776
I haven't fired up the old xbox to play anything but DVDs since I completed Chaos Theory and got over my multiplayer Mash phase.

What bugs me is I have about 25 xbox games, nearly all cost me 30 when new and now they're worth sod all.

Won't be buying this, it doesn't look different enough to the third game to warrant the purchase.

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