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"Why don't they reply?"

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Sat 11/01/03 at 18:36
Posts: 787
Okay, so I'm trying to give this freelance writing thing a go.

I've been in touch with features editors on a number of magazines, asking if they'd like to read various articles, so I've sent them to them, and I haven't even had replies.

I've sent letters to a couple of magazines, with a sample of work, even including an SAE, and still, they don't reply.

A day or so ago I sent off a story to a magazine, and they promise to reply within 3 weeks.

I shalln't hold my breath.

Anyway, it's not going to stop me, not just yet. I'm going to send out some more things. I mean, if I don't send things out, I can't get rejection letters in reply, can I? Also, on a similar train of thought, I won't get acceptance letters.

So I'll keep going.

Anyone have any experience with freelance writing, and have any advice or pointers?
Thu 16/01/03 at 10:11
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
Light wrote:
> Have you tried getting in touch with a literary agent?

Well at the moment I'm only really dealing with submissions to magazines and the like. When I get something more book-like going on, then will be the time for an agent, I think.
Wed 15/01/03 at 13:16
"Wanking Mong"
Posts: 4,884
I always find that, when sending articles off, it's best to expect nothing. Actually getting something is an unexpected bonus.

Have you tried getting in touch with a literary agent?
Tue 14/01/03 at 23:36
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
Narc°leptic Insomniac wrote:
> ooh, ooh!
> quite a cynical view of getting into writing (novels in this case),
> but amusing, and mildly helpful...

Actually, that was rather entertaining. Cheers. :o)
Tue 14/01/03 at 15:41
Posts: 2,925
become a freelance postman... hehe all the chaos!
Tue 14/01/03 at 15:31
Posts: 643
ooh, ooh!

quite a cynical view of getting into writing (novels in this case), but amusing, and mildly helpful...
Mon 13/01/03 at 19:40
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
Cheerrs for all the advice, I really do appreciate it all.

I think I'll take your advice IB, and take a look into competitions, I mean, I've certainly got plenty of storie in me, angles pop into my head where ever I am.

In fact, driving along today I spotted a sign "Two for One steak dinners" and that has given me an idea. I'll probably post first draft on the forums.

I've got an idea for another website too, a more serious offering, aiming at what I believe may be a gap, but more on that when I get there.

Oh, and I've got this idea for two mini-books (as I've called them) I just need to research, see if there's anything like it, then write a little, and see if I can get an agent interested.

Man, if I had the cash to stay off work for two years, I could get this all done! I have a job with decent hours though, so I do have some time to work on what I want, and I can ever write when it's quiet at work, it just means it's going to take longer, and I'm an impatient .

Anyway, thanks again, it REALLY does help me. :o)
Mon 13/01/03 at 19:31
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
My mum works freelance.

And she makes lots of money.

Although she does write books...........
Mon 13/01/03 at 18:31
"Darth Vader 3442321"
Posts: 4,031
Top trumps from prime rumps n'er do win a fair lady but in the PC review field maybe...
Mon 13/01/03 at 18:11
Posts: 23,216
You deserve the ego, Meka. And yeah, you're definitely sure to get a hell of a lot of buyers for whatever you're in if you ask us to get it.

Hell, you just need to say what you're in and we'll buy it. So keep going. Fart in their faces if you have to, but just get their attention.
Mon 13/01/03 at 15:27
Posts: 9,848
Just tell them that you have a cult following of readers across the country, (and you won't be lying) that would all buy the first magazine to have an article by you printed.

That might help.

Anyway, just read a biography about anyone who's made it REALLY big and there's normally a section where they get ignored for ages, and ages... until one day...

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