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"The 360 games you're looking forward to most"

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Tue 04/10/05 at 13:58
Posts: 928
What Xbox 360 games are you most looking forward to, and why? Mine are:

Launch Games
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion- Basically because I loved Morrowind but it was really a little too ambitious (at least for the time it was released). Nevertheless it was a groundbreaking RPG. The 360 should ensure that the next in the series is perfect.

Frame City Killer- Don't know much about this one, but the trailer certainly got me interested. This'll be the other game I get when I get the console (hopefully when the second batch arrives).

Future Games
Fable 2- It's been confirmed. Hopefully they'll take advantage of the 360 and deliver the game they originally promised.

Halo 3- Well, who wouldn't want to play it? Should be awesome.
Sun 09/10/05 at 12:26
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
Ninjax wrote:
> SHEMUE 3 IS COMING OUT!!! where did you heare this TELL ME!!!!!!!

It's on the release schedule in the Official X-Box 360 mag, like the rest of the games I listed.
Sun 09/10/05 at 12:02
Posts: 21,800
Ghost Recon 3's been put back to February next year. Nice to see some developers aren't rushing their games out to make the launch day.
Sun 09/10/05 at 11:47
Posts: 928

Looks pretty good from what I can make out from those few shots.
Sun 09/10/05 at 11:07
"Retarded List"
Posts: 642
[URL] [/URL]
Sun 09/10/05 at 10:57
Posts: 928
Herr Dark Wolf wrote:
> Games I will get:
> Mass Effect

Have any screenshots/movies been released yet? Can't seem to find any.
Sat 08/10/05 at 20:04
Posts: 2,207
Lost Odyssy is what you're thinking of Herr.
Sat 08/10/05 at 19:24
Posts: 3,937
Games I will get:

Mass Effect
Too Human
Gears of War
Perfect Dark Zero
That RPG by the creator of FF (can't remember the name)

Games I might get:

Quake 4
Oblivion-My brother is getting this on PC, so I might get it later on when he goes to uni
Call of Duty 2
Resident Evil 5
Sat 08/10/05 at 18:28
Posts: 928
I can't say the screenshots have impressed me much, but I'll wait till I play it before I make a judgement.
Sat 08/10/05 at 16:52
Posts: 21,800
Perfect Dark I'm sad to say is looking worse and worse the more I hear about it. Large sections of the game not present at launch and only running at 30fps? pfffffffffffffffffffffffffft
Sat 08/10/05 at 16:31
Posts: 33,481
Game wrote:
> 1. Prey

That's better. ;)

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