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"Fable 2 - Help & FAQ's"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Fable II'.
Mon 03/11/08 at 08:27
Posts: 4,488
I have suggested the same thing on the fallout 3 topic, but basically there are a few of us playing on here so why not have a topic we keep bumped with help, advice, ways to get achievements, trade's etc etc on here.

Other boards have this kind of thing and i think it is something we lack here, if you want help getting a co-op achievement and someone is online maybe they can help, or if you want to trade hero dolls then suggest it.

You get the idea, but use you SPOILER buttons to save spoiling the game for people.

Hopefully this will work, my first help needed thing will be;

What is the quickest way to get Good / Evil points and Pure / Corrupt, so people can change as quick as possble!

Sat 03/01/09 at 21:56
"Metal.. Gear?!?"
Posts: 59
whats the best way to become good/pure?
i've become full evil/corrupt on my other save
just want to know how to become full good
Sat 03/01/09 at 14:40
Posts: 4
i wouldnt be evil because all shpop owners and market stall owners will run from you so you will not be able to buy any thing or get married and have kids i did it and it well anoying the odd time you will be able to catch them and buy sumink
Sat 03/01/09 at 14:36
Posts: 4
yep i have completed the game three times and got all the silver keys and gargoyles and found the gargoyles treasure on all three carrers and have only had the game a week
Sat 03/01/09 at 14:34
Posts: 4
yeah under the middle of the bowerstone bridge there is this thing called thye gargoyles lair their are loads in there but you have to dive under water there are some ripples go into the center of them and press the A button you can also often find them in demon doors
Tue 09/12/08 at 14:42
Posts: 3
Does anyone know where all the gargoyles are?
i have 37 silver keys(my dog found most of them)and i need to find the same no. of gargoyles! i only have 11 so far
i looked 4 that daichi weapon,its well good,what score do u need to get to get the red dragon,my top is 152 and i got a reaver doll
Wed 26/11/08 at 17:36
Posts: 1
hi i just got my 360 and fable 2 it is so good
Wed 12/11/08 at 16:13
Posts: 12,425
Over half way there now. Off to work in a few minutes so I'll probably next play tomorrow morning. Should be a lot closer to the target by then I hope! :)

Will also continue my gargoyle hunt. Anyone got all 50 yet?
Wed 12/11/08 at 13:45
Posts: 4,686
Oh no! Shame there is no way we can get you the money :(

Only did it once. Thought it was funny the way Chesty spoke to you. "I like playing games, like cutting the legs off passing travellers. Do you like that game?"

Show Spoiler
Wed 12/11/08 at 13:32
Posts: 12,425
Unfortunately I don't have Live. :( Thanks for the offer though! :)

Show Spoiler

The Brightwood Tower quest was good fun. I wanted to keep Chesty as a pet. Did anyone else get to do this quest twice? After I finished the game the quest reopened, but I'd already completed it so I completed it again and got the money, without having to rebuy the Tower! :)
Wed 12/11/08 at 13:04
Posts: 4,686
Silent Thunder wrote:
> Just finished the game.
Show Spoiler

> Will definitely be starting it again at some point, but for now
> I want to get as many achievements as possible. Need to track
> down a load of gargoyles and open a load of demon doors still.
> My gun of choice is Farmer Giles' legendary creation. As for
> melee it's the steel cleaver all the way, though I need to buy
> the other one so I can attach the augment to earn gold. :)
> Anyone bought the castle? I'm still a bit off being able to
> afford it, though I'm earning quite a healthy amount of money
> from my properties now.

What is your Gamertag ST? If you want I'll enter my gold subscription and gift you a ton of money. Haven't been on for over a week so should have a bucket load of money

And for the spoiler content - ME TOO!

The castle though, once you buy it (like Brightwood Tower) you open up another quest. I won't spoil it for you though, but the quest ending is rather amusing!

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