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"Lets form a band"

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Sat 13/09/08 at 20:22
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I can't sing, but I can play the triangle. I have a few whistles, flutes, a guitar and a violin somewhere, but I wouldn't say I'm very good with them. What do the rest of you play? I'm guessing you've all picked up a guitar and had a go. How far did you get before you quit?

As for the name of the band, we'll call it 'Magnificent Machie & his Mates'. Okay we'll work on the title.
Thu 18/09/08 at 18:35
"I may return"
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{Happy dance}
{Victory voice}

I'm gettin' a free t-shuuuurt. I'm gettin' a free t-shuuuurt. I'm gettin' a free t-shuuuurt....
I'll get a pic up on ma profile page when it comes ^_^
Thu 18/09/08 at 17:26
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Thats the surprise. Think of it as pass the parcel but with the added bonus of you'll definitely win.
Thu 18/09/08 at 16:57
"Was the man of marz"
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jubbachainsaw wrote:
> Anyone who wants one email your address and preferred size to
> [email protected]

Are you going to reveal your bands name first?

I'd rather not walk around with a t-shirt that has aryan brotherhood written on the front (or back for that matter).
Thu 18/09/08 at 16:47
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Where abouts is it?
Thu 18/09/08 at 16:15
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Fire and Ice is a good place, on a Monday night it is a good rock venue.

I have been to the steamboat a few times aswell as the others. Drum n Monkey is back open again now, and probably as rough as usual!

You should try play at a place called Co ck & Pie(wont let me spell it) - really good place and i go there a lot!
Thu 18/09/08 at 16:10
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Yeha I got it Emmie.

We've played in Ipswich a few times actually. We've played The Steamboat, The Railway Tavern, Fire and Ice Bar and the old Drum N Monkey when that used to be open.

We will def get down to Ipswich later this year/start of next. Ill let you all know when we get our gig back on!
Thu 18/09/08 at 16:06
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Black8704 wrote:
> Cool cool, give us a shout when you are. You gona gig in
> Braintree? or Ipswich :D

Yea if your close by id come and show support! Always keen to see some live music
Thu 18/09/08 at 16:04
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Cool cool, give us a shout when you are. You gona gig in Braintree? or Ipswich :D
Thu 18/09/08 at 16:03
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It has failed a couple of time!?!?!

just tried it again - you get it now mate?
Thu 18/09/08 at 15:59
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Emmie87 wrote:
> Just sent you an e-mail.
> Nice one!
> It keeps saying e-mail failed to send?!?!
> Ill try again

Haven't received it yet mate.

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