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"It's 11pm and everyone has gone to bed"

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Sat 30/08/08 at 23:12
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Amateurs. Sometimes I go to bed as late as 2am and wake up at the crack of noon. Kids these days dont have the will power to stay up all night and prat about on the internet.
Thu 04/09/08 at 00:09
"Devil in disguise"
Posts: 3,151
Always fancied playing Golf too. When my partner and I were looking at houses we found one where the owner had turned part of garden into a regulation golf green (complete with approach bunker too). Would have been fun to have.

Nin wrote:
> I live about 300 metres from a 9 hole golf course but i've never
> played.

Pfft..thats miles away, I have the 6th hole tee of the local course about 50 metres from my door step.
Wed 03/09/08 at 23:49
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I'd like to play golf, my favourite movie is caddyshack.
Tue 02/09/08 at 12:13
Posts: 18,487
I live about 300 metres from a 9 hole golf course but i've never played. It's always been one of those hobbies that cost too much.
Tue 02/09/08 at 09:44
Posts: 14,117
I played golf once when a load of us went to Centerparcs the other year. The longest hole is 170 yards. I got onto the green in 1 (this is my first attempt at golf) and I remember thinking "this is easy".

Took me another 7 shots to putt the damn thing.
Tue 02/09/08 at 05:10
Posts: 23,216
I think you're meant to follow them and hit them again, I'd make a simile but it's a family forum.
Tue 02/09/08 at 05:06
Posts: 938
What what? You have to go retrieve the balls??

Tue 02/09/08 at 05:02
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I don't like golf so much. It's like playing fetch with yourself and I don't think I'm a dog.
Tue 02/09/08 at 04:37
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Oh how I'd love to play golf in the wee hours of the morn, hitting it blazingly into the dark abyss of nothingness. Thinking it would quite cathartic for an insomniac. :)
Tue 02/09/08 at 03:48
Posts: 5,848
pb wrote:
> I'd love to play golf again. Occassionally get out on the pitch
> and putt, but playing properly is such an expensive hobby.

I got a decent set of clubs off eBay for 60 - Chicago - including the wedges, drivers, irons and putter you'd expect and enjoyed playing a bit about a year back

Only trouble I found was as you say it's expensive, about 4 a round on my local, not very good quality, green. Likewise, I don't have the skill for playing at a club. It's the sort of game I could get into if I had the time from being retired etc to actually devote several hours a day and money into hitting the course and practicing. At the minute the local course's longest hole is about 380m, so nothing much above a 3 Iron and hitting a consistent swing that sends the ball up into the air in the direction of the flag is a reasonably rare occurrence, unless I'm really concentrating

If it's really hot then carrying the bag is an annoyance but if it's all being scored and played semi-seriously by me and someone else it's a great game. With several of us it quickly disintegrates into not scoring and getting 10 Holes through before leaving the course
Mon 01/09/08 at 23:46
"Too Orangy For Crow"
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I had one good round of pitch and putt. I hit a beauty off the tee on the 1st and landed 2ft past the hole for a tap in birdie. Was -1 after 5. Finished +3.

Not played this year. Had a poor year healthwise.

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